The Checkered Sky Above

Sypnosis: Three one-shots about a pianist. All in different genre, different settings, all connected, as he plays silence.

Current status: Complete.

Chapters: October. Silence. Checkered Sky

LGBT?: October. and Silence don't have any queer couples or queer identities unfortunately, but Checked Sky is a queer story itself and has a gay ship and a genderfluid character.

Mental Health: the theme of depression is through out all three chapters. 

Back Story/Additional notes:

(2009-2010) Warnings: All different, a mere attempt to describe him. The character always has more depth than the story itself usually.

(2014): It's quite a weird story and I actually had fun and enjoyed rereading it through just now. I wish it were more queer, but it was back when I was closeted and even then I think October. is one my favourite written pieces. Also it's interesting to see that I had a genderfluid character back a few years ago and I'm happy that I still wrote queer sexualities and identities. In general I quite like the structure as well and dunno, it's flattering for myself to see that I've always written well really. 

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