please note that this page is in the works, as I am going through everything at the moment and editing for typos, as well as categorizing and making everything less chaotic to find. But I decided to let everything out so that my old stuff still gets a spotlight, coz it's still my work which I love dearly and it's still more stuff written by me. Don't worry everything is gay xD

Open gay for the right mind: Love I Remember Thinking Murder Stars Blank Devotion 25 Churches 4 Calendar because you're worthless fuck yes, you are  If I could I'd just make everyone a wanker, like Mark Renton predicted the world to be, but hey, love, we're getting there Glitter We've all danced with death

Fanfiction poems are in it's artist section of the fanfiction page.

(2014): I still write poems, but as sappy as it is I use my poetry for love poems, which are actually private, no they don't include sex… at least not as graphic as the posted stories and poems xD Also bear in mind I was closeted yet of course there's homoerotism everywhere. But either way, I've seen myself as a poet for a while, because my fiction seemed bleaker than my poetry and poetry is always what I used for assignments as well. I guess I just felt like I did everything I could with poetry, but I write love poems because that's when I'm overwhelmed with a person and for everything else, I pretty much write fiction or chuck in a line here and there, either way, here's the poetry written mostly around 2009-2012. New poems are added here as well and there have been quite a few posted recently.

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