please note that this page is in the works, as I am going through everything at the moment and editing for typos, as well as categorizing and making everything less chaotic to find. But I decided to let everything out so that my old stuff still gets a spotlight, coz it's still my work which I love dearly and it's still more stuff written by me. 


Completed novels

Open LGBT: papercut. The Checkered Sky Above 13 is an Utopia

Homoerotism whilst being in the closet: Paperbag Writer.

Non-LGBT: Exit

Ongoing novels

Open LGBT:  the animal

On-hiatus novels

Open LGBT: Ladder To The Red Moon Gathering

Short stories: 

Open LGBT: Balcony Scene taking Bodies Double Lick

Around death, fate and homoerotism: As we know it. immerse Musica
Boredom Circle Mouthful Graham Gray

Non-LGBT: Lullaby

Most of the fiction besides the on-going are from 2009 and onwards, each novel has it's own page with a detailed backstory and summary. In my life I kind of shift from fiction to fanfiction and back and don't worry and feel free to request a chapter of some story you wish me to continue (most of the novels are written and are just waiting requests so that they can be posted). Don't worry all contain homoerotism if they're not canon gay. Bear in mind that most of these were written whilst closeted, but everyone I've written is queer one way or another. 


  1. Jack and Dean history please!! :D

  2. Hey, sorry for the awfully late reply!

    I've started musing on it, I've got a plot, now to paper when I'm not writing anything else, dear! xD

    thank youuuu