Wednesday, 6 July 2011


The juice leaking out in orange patches onto the white sheets, the humming of a forbidden television
and something resembling nothing laying beside me.
I bite further giving nothing to pour into my mouth in screams the orange getting smaller than it once
was as the reality of todays sucks out the yesterday with the white bitemarks.
I still trace my fingers where the teeth had been upon the first kiss, peeling the next orange with
another scent devouring the room in the same orange patches.


Sorry for the exit delay and everything. I'll keep everything up, just if there is a delay that's because I'm doing a course at the current moment and more focusing on my writing, which shall surely be shown later.

What I'd like to say is

Enjoy your summer, because that's the only time of the year you can just truly relax and bug someone about it.


Bodies Double

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