Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Bodies Double

It’s about waiting for the next question to flop out of the mouth, as I would expect nothing, wondering what would short hair hint as I’d wait wondering, what would the silence mean with the sudden stroke under the table from the skinny creature in front.

Big frames and a small mouth, baggy tank top, the nipples were hard for a second, but the gender not there, as I saw Lonnie get louder, as the human would laugh, hair going back with the movement of fingers as I started as the one untied doc Martens, as Lonnie grinned more.

“Lonnie, yeah, I know, unisex.” Lonnie would laugh, the newly died black hair clashing against the skin and the frames a bit too big.

The jeans seemed to be baggy, as she walked across the hallway, came back with a light erection I believe, but seemed to be in the females and had talked about girls, about how it had felt the very first time, asking if I were a virgin.

I just looked up, maybe this was what university was, so I just went with the flow, saying that I wasn’t, thinking that fingering had been enough, even if it were myself in front of a mirror, as I made out, a dare my boyfriend had done.

“So...Do you like girls?” Lonnie would ask the next second, fixing the falling off frames, tapping the fingers to some beat I’ve heard on the stereo a few seconds ago, offering me the drink which was going through the straw to reach Lonnie’s body.

I nodded, in hesitation.

Everyone had seen me make-out with a girl.

You know when you just see red hair against the blue sky, a hemline so low that you could lick a sugar trail and up to those lips as the would shine against the sun.

You just dare yourself and you do it, even if the girl doesn’t kiss back.

Lonnie grinned.

“What made you shift to males?” A hand across my cheek.

I felt myself go uncomfortable. Those big dark eyes under the frames and the curiosity of Lonnie’s was just luring, as I could feel the being take a sip of her drink and pour it into my mouth, as we both swallowed three glasses straight with the hands being the music over the speakers.

Lonnie had a girlfriend

Lonnie had a boyfriend

I recall the pillow fight, as Lonnie had stripped me from my underwear, I had cried that I was a virgin laughing, as Lonnie would lick my clit once, to see me shiver.

Lonnie all in clothes.

Lonnie pouring vodka all over my body, soaking the t-shirt and bra just to suck on it later, as a male would stroke his cock over the image, as a girl flashed her breasts and I scissored her, taking another bottle from the floor, feeling a cock go inside me, as I cried from the sudden swing of events.

I licked swings when I was a girl I’d say to a pair of breasts, as Lonnie went inside me, telling me to ease, Lonnie was so good, as I felt someone else go inside me, anal, oh, anal

then all of it stopped

Lonnie’s mouth on my entrance as I’d come

Breasts on my own, they were beautiful, as I pulled them hearing a scream, pressing myself against the body. I kissed her, playing with her breats, as if they were my own as I’d see myself licking the mirror, as a cock would go inside, teasing, anal, as I pinned her down and spread her legs, positioning myself and rubbing until she’d come

Then she would pull my nipples, so hard, as a cock was shoved into my mouth and I sucked the swollen heaven, feeling the body on top as I’d see a colour of the eyes and close them, licking harder, taking the sin in my mouth, as I stroked the balls.

I’d shift them both and lick the cock, the pussy, licking Lonnie, one of them was Lonnie unless it was the camera man.

Every time I wanked I always imagined myself doing it to a screen, that people would see me stroke and join, skinny men with cocks in hand as they’d suck their hands afterwards, as they’d think of their lover instead.

I’d feel Lonnie on top of me, the other watching, touching, moaning, a demand for attention.

Lonnie would go inside

Lonnie would

wake up with the pile of baggy clothes, both of us, Lonnie’s armpits unshaved, curled next to me, Adam’s apple breathing.


“Why did they call you Lonnie, anyway?” I’d know the gender.

“Because they’d think I’d be a fag.” Lonnie would sip my tea, grinning.


Bodies Double is a line from Placebo's Nancy Boy.

"I want to write a threesome"

And it ended up being about gender confusion, really.



Thank you for reading, holding and believing in gTs for the past year.



P.S. In reality everything is in the blog, really.


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