Monday, 30 July 2012

There Is Something About Jack White 2

I first heard Jack White when it had been too warm in London but not to warm in Florida and when Jamie would walk around in a sloppy white baggy shirt and gray shorts which had been jeans and he had ripped last week, he didn’t have a cigarette but he seemed to be longing for one, money wasn’t too short but we agreed to hold a day without cigarettes, he had come with a vinyl instead as I stopped on Sex and the City embarrassed, characters flowing through my head and I flicked the television off, my hair growing already up to my shoulders.

“Jack White.” I had been a beaten up vinyl of De Stijl and we listened to it, managing to quickly walk down and buy a bottle of cheap tequila and cigarettes, laughing and Jamie trying to get the songs and singing the misheard lyrics, then we had walked out, laughing, mumbling stuff against each other, wearing skinny shirts and baggy old pants just to get more drinks to mix and have a hangover just to kill another day. When we were younger we just wanted to kill off more days with alcohol and when we could get hold of drugs, laughing, sometimes going hysterical like there was this one time when Jamie started screaming and the neighbors had to tell him to shut up and he opened the door mouth wide, screaming and me tapping his head with the joint in my hand I wouldn’t even recall the mix we did, but we hurled ourselves as deep as we could into the window with no air the next day.

That time I had also been wondering a bit about women as Jamie would drag girlfriends in bed and in the morning Jamie would walk out with a morning erection, my hair cut short and the woman would scream of sex and smell like it, bend over and I would watch drinking black coffee, as they would discuss Twin Peaks, a small test Jamie had and I would watch the women more, none of them were ones I wanted, but I still felt a tingle.

I felt as if I was the younger sister spying on the brother having sex or sister and imagining myself having sex with the partner.

Once Jamie had been making out on the couch and I was cutting a carrot and his red haired girl leaned over and kissed me drunk, laughing, I ended up eating the whole carrot and blushing at every mention of Jack White’s red heads then and I ended up more fruits as they had sex and I’d shrug off any mention to a man inside me and I would just fall on the floor, trying to make sure the gasps would fly over me and I would avoid it by the cold floor and the night would close my eyes as the stars would reach me from the skies, clouds and windows.

I closed my eyes trying to imagine the opened windows and I saw women, beautiful women, brave enough to touch people of their own sex and I gasped, thinking of the red head, I bit my lip to get her off and I started touching myself to the two women, it had been turning me on too much, I was biting my lip, furiously slamming my hand against myself, not going in, dripping the clit in my own come, sometimes licking, as I imagined the women scissoring, shaved, wet, screaming, all the apartment screaming of sex and


I screamed

I quickly covered my mouth, gasping, stumbling on the floor, scared that Jamie might’ve heard me and thought that I had wanked to them both, but I didn’t, I started crying, scared not of my sexuality but Jamie.

Jamie had always been the man who confused me, the act was always so pure and on stage when he had me, his guitar like a cock between my legs and we would have this pure fruit, a sacred thing on stage later a few years later, because sex wouldn’t attract us, we’d rather even eat an apple together as he would comment on the episode of Sex and the City as we both just sat there.

That had been sex for us or hurling a guitar between us.

But still Jamie confused me, while Jack and Agyness were concrete. Jack was me wanting him to lick him, touch him, sometimes I would just grab him and well

Or Agyness constantly teasing me, neither was a threesome an option the thought of either touching each other was jealous and I couldn’t love both, Jack was a man, I was a woman and Agyness was a woman. In my head slowly as I lived with Jamie, he resembled a sexless thing to me for all of a sudden even if he had women, he attracted me, but I kept him close, giggling anyway as Jack wanted me and I wanted him, it took a bit of a while for me and Agyness to have sex, we both said the idea stuck us both while we had been walking with the lights on and people hiding in pubs for a shag, joint, drink or food and we just wondered the label and word of friends still upon us even if we had kissed, we didn’t see each other as massive sexual objects as we ended up being way later and deeper.

We both smile too much after sex, lying in bed, kissing each other, legs still entangled and clits brushing lightly, tongues gasping. It’s not even about loving her as a woman who loves a woman when it turns me on and Agyness plays with that, but it’s about loving Agyness as Agyness the way she is, really, it’s never about the sex, we are all sexless, just because some can produce other little ones doesn’t give the other the card not to love, it is about children, but not all are children and not all should be, people think they think about the children, but they leave them on the street with their own thoughts and toys, people think about themselves and never about the child.

If it were about the child, then we would have acceptance and gay marriage and everything and a mojito and a non drinking blood mosquito really with a round of applause from all of us,

everyone is a child

and no one cares anyway about the child. Unless the child is the one they are and live in and happen to. It’s not just about homophobia or being scared it’s about not having a fuck to the others

saying that we care about children is crap

we don’t, we don’t




I know this is not in the request pile but I've been working on this all the time and it's done XD in celebration I shall keep advertising it because this is roughly how my fiction will be and how the themes will be er like I dunno XD basically I hope you enjoy it and thank you, I will have Fucked 2 up as soon as I will sort of have less stuff to deal with XD so yeah:3

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There Is Something About Jack White 3

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Candy Cane5

The coffee wasn’t strong enough like Jamie’s face and his cigarette dangling off his lips and I see how he ages all of a sudden so I blow harder on our coffees and we smile, the lights falling all around us and soon enough I leave the cafe, seeing Jamie lean back, close his eyes, ignore Kate and listen to The Beatles singing all over the small walls the cafe just because it had been an odd choice of walking around and getting fabric wristbands for our drinks of choice and leaving them there.

In the night I dreamt of myself pouring ice on them and dipping my face in the ice to collapse backwards, my neck and back breaking and Daniel stroking my face softly and explaining what else there is to tell.

I sat up and Daniel walked to me to the kitchen and I tipped the water bottle on the floor and I wondered if I could count any ice cubes on it and I didn’t, we both smoked a cigarette as I told him how I thought that I believe we die alone in the end, closing my eyes as I felt him tracing my eyelashes deeply that it stung, I shivered and he stopped and I saw him kissing my face softly and I told him.

What if you could connect the thoughts, because you can’t and we have birth alone.

That’s when Daniel said that we need to find the beloved.

I told him what about death.

We don’t know about death, because we haven’t died yet, what if we do die together, what if you die alone but death is spent together, what if the spirit walks around the dead or the opposite, he yawned, his sense was a half bottle and he yawned again, pressing his head against the table and I kept stroking his hair and his ears.

“You would look good blonde.” He mumbled and kissed my fingers.

“Maybe.” I said and I quickly headed for a dye with Daniel swirling opposite in the chair before we packed our bags and left for Latin America, hearing the children complain about the movies in flight and fighting over the best same pillow and trading nothing and thoughts, stumbling upon bars and then eating drunk, spilling drinks over eachother and I could finally see myself within Daniel’s thoughts today, bright, smiling with the cigarette, laughing out loud, maybe I were death, maybe we both were and we stumbled, legs wobbling and I thought of Jamie again.

He felt old.

I didn’t.

I looked at Daniel.

“You have some gray hair.” I nudged him, accidentally hitting his arm with my hand, my laughter gave me away.

I want to see him age.


Everything is a flash and you wait for the blue polaroid.

“Let’s get married.”


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Thursday, 19 July 2012

There Is Something About Jack White

There is something about Jack White.

“There is something about Jack White.” Gets whispered around the table which is connected as Agyness blows on her spoon and ends up burning herself as I see her close her eyes briefly and continue eating her soup.

I quickly stroke her short blonde hair, a small sign off affection as she kisses a tip of my burnt well, she kept mumbling as we fell asleep and I ended up staying in front of the mirror, my jeans tight and still on, making my knees ache from the long idea we had of going dancing to some shit pub where girls fake lesbians by humping each other and I think someone clapped as we frenched, some too much attention from straight men which we both lack and don’t need.

There is something about Jack White.

“Did you see his new video, Alison?” As the former model falls on the covers and the bed swallows her before she exhales and laughs, blowing out smoke on her lips and smiling, laughing again like a brief angel if heaven would be us instead of burning smoke.

“Jack’s?” Now I have the smug cigarette and I exhale it, before we’d share our cigarette romantically as we started dating but then the nicotine wasn’t enough and we switched to both, lighting both with one flick the fire in the middle and then we’d briefly kiss. I look at her gray eyes turning blue as she laughs always, she is one of those people who always laugh and have a grin and even when she stood in front of me with a second razor she found somewhere and she smoked a cigarette, clicking her tongue and looking at me through the mirror as her hair would fall and she knew how she played with me.

Agyness loved sex too much, but I guess who wouldn’t so she kept the act and then I just hurled her against the wall on the edge of the bathtub and rubbed her before stroking myself and her and then as we were dripping I pushed her legs further and smashed ourselves together yelling as she’d pull my hair before kissing.

We both came our mouths gasping an inch from each other and she collapsed against me, holding my shoulder between her lips and biting it before it felt that we fell asleep.

I couldn’t fall asleep for a really long while, Agyness turning and tossing as well, maybe feeling like the tables stirred with all the people as if they were dancing and in the middle he appeared, skin as paper and clothes tight to show off the light muscles and hair curls locking the face and he held a cigarette, like a woman, that was what always attracted me in him, how feminine he seemed and then he turns off the lights, pulling a cord as if it were an old London apartment and the people dance now the dresses lit by the ends and he has a microphone which he drops with his drink and goes to me, heels clicking and pushing my head back all the blonde hair for him to see

And he kisses me hard, his lips fully on my mine, hands taking off my shirt

I sit up and Agyness curls against me, her eyes full open, lips saying something and I reply but I feel like I am in earplugs.

“What is it about Jack White, Alison?” She whispers nearly as if the walls have the men I’ve ever loved and denied for another man I’ve loved or not before I met a woman in a bar after long conversations and we laughed at our attempts and spent nights chain smoking in the living room mine or hers, toes intertwining under the sofa and the ceiling felt like stars whilst no stars were shown besides paint, white paint not to feel claustrophobic but it echoed the laughter and our first sex when I went on top and Agyness kept gasping, clustering my shoulders as we were getting the sofa wet, her mouth fully opened and her eyelids sweaty, it felt like the first time touching yourself, you can’t stop until you orgasm and her thighs ached afterwards as we both stood up, shaking, not able to smoke and she gave us both coke and sat besides me as she lit a cigarette for both and our smoke intertwined like our lives, I moved in a week later, Agyness bleaching my hair and I laughed at her, asking if I looked more like a lesbian

And she said she thought she was and that’s how I told her about Jack, saying that he were the only man who I wanted and who would go inside me.

Agyness still smokes a cigarette whenever Jack White is mentioned, draining the cigarette end in the drink she is sharing with me or alone, I think when she goes to a cafe to watch people stroll around and then with a final drag she burns the fire in it’s own concentration, maybe wishing to scream

That everyone know the knack

to Jack White

the feminine thing on stage whose lover I was for a while on the bunk beds and old hotels just because he insisted and took me to his room, to take off his glasses with his shirt and wait for a long while until I would undress, like a groupie and give in

The morning would be orange juice and then whilst eating toast we’d talk, sex behind us, the final test being the first and the beating of the insides and we’d also share food.

“Start over.” Agyness says dragging a cigarette, her legs wobbling, the oven behind her and I press my finger against my lip.

“There is something about Jack White.” I swallow. “He wants you.” She exhales and falls.

There Is Something About Jack White 2

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Deviant's 4

I wake up with a massive desire to go to the toilet but Carlos holds my wrist and pulls me down under all the fabric of the colours of the covers and it feels like a lawn with the rain heavily pouring down the cold morning and its cold shivers outside and I try to imagine that I can see all the people running around, opening their umbrellas like mushrooms and that phrase reminds me that I might’ve heard this before when I was a child and being gay was something surely you were not.

I light a cigarette to fill the room as Carlos puts his hand on my crotch and I loosen my eyes so that they fall halfway and my chest is exposed ready to be wounded by Carlos’ kisses and he laughs and wakes up.

Carlos is too busy with his sleep and the bar in order to buy anything or change apartments, he mentioned that he got offered something on the Royal Mile but declined as he threw his cigarette out and you can see the bar from the window anyway and he looks down as a rat runs past and he just pushes himself to the maximum out of the window and falls, his feet holding him tight to the ground of the floor and rain pours instantly down his skin as he breathes harder and begins to cough, so I throw a towel over him, shielding his breath and rain until it soaks and I smoke, rain drenching my addictions as I close the window behind us, but that’s how it feels, I leave Carlos under the towel with rain coming from his blue sponge and finally leave to pee.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Used Lighter4

He lights a cigarette and the smoke runs from his nose and his hair, he inhales more and only the smoke is seen lighting a side of his face as he opens his mouth and screams, nails longer and teeth brighter and as if

Glow in the dark stars start appearing everywhere as they start falling and he walks towards me and he has shorter hair, maybe it’s like how he looked like when he was bitten and he hisses straight into my mouth, grabbing a top hat from the hill behind him as cardboard decorations with sheep and mouths appears and he claps so that the light is lit on the stage and he clicks the lighter and it brings dark to his mouth

I wake up with Alison besides me, as she turns around and he is sitting besides me, sitting on a green velvet stool with one leg as he watches Alison now with longer hair.

“Hi, Jamie.” And he lights a cigarette again and soon after a few blinks he leaves alone leaving the room illuminated by the glow in dark stars for a brief second until Alison opens her eyes and he is above her, his hair longer and stroking her lips briefly as she opens her eyes and she looks at the older vampire and maybe they do kiss indeed but then the stars blink out and he is gone.

Alison stands up, picking her hair in a ponytail and the morning soon comes after, the woman barely holding her eyes with her eyelids, eating the plain dairy food, banging a spoon against the wooden table as we open a window and there is a hailstorm outside and she opens a window to catch ice in her hair and one reaches her eye and I wonder if it would cut her eye but it doesn’t, so she just leaves to work with me.

We sit for a while outside, as the clouds shield the snow, ice and cold and watch the people and a group of schoolgirls bump their way between us into the store. They start yanking all the fabrics of the hangers, trying it on and Alison just watches them as they take the kilts and how their posh plaid fabric contrasts against the second hand store we own under big vintage letters and word of mouth from furious writers, people with no money and just weird people who want to feel a bit hipster in their boring lives.

I don’t focus and wonder how long will life feel now with no meaning.

“I dreamt of a man today.” I start telling her as it starts to rain and the girls keep doing a mess and they eventually leave a pile of clothes on the floor as Alison shows me to hush and clicks her nails against my lips and stands up towards them, their laughter and their lack of makeup or too much of it, all of them with long hair, flat shoes and reeking of a shallow hole their mind is and evntually she clutches one as the rest stare and bites into her neck, her lips filling with colour and her cheeks becoming a pure peach as the others stare.

The flicker of light goes down and so does the light and I see the man counting the glow in the dark stars as Alison gets a human form with every human she bites and I feel the man with the top hat dancing with himself, pulling his invisible partner close as I collapse into a dream and he climbes a staircase on stage.

“My name is Alexander.” He smiles and he goes down to place the tophat on top of me and go to my neck and he raises the tophat, looking into my eyes, kissing my neck, cheeks and lips as Alison proceeds to bite all the girls in a row with all her eyes open and how her cheeks turn more and more peach and eventually she appears in a dress in a distance with the man, as Alexander bites my neck

and Alison proceeds the dance.

“I hate high school.” She says with her teeth all bloody and I blink my eyes open and I see a girl’s head in my lap as all her blood leaks out onto my jeans and my gray t-shirt and the hoodie I have unzipped and I gasp and she just smiles, opening a bottle of yoghurt and draining it right in front of me.

Alison closes the lid and hurls it at me.

“Alexander was his name.” And I tell her all my dreams, how he came tonight and how he bit me, Alison examines my neck and sees nothing, kissing my own neck after a while and patting my head.

“I don’t think it’s anything.” She sights, calming her temples. “A vampire bite doesn’t affect a vampire, Alex used to it a lot during sex, it’s a thing he does.”

I make a mental note to try it and I listen on.

“I don’t think I know how to kill a vampire anyway, there is no daylight, neither fear of crosses or garlic. Garlic just tastes disgusting and he mentioned that it ended up just being a joke between vampires because you can’t really eat anything.” She stops and takes a sip. “Besides blood and yoghurt for whatever reason.”

Alison smiles.

We take the day off cleaning the blood and pouring soap all over the floor and slipping over it, falling over everything as if it is the ice the entire city lacks and by the end of the day we close and wonder who will search for the bodies, but I wouldn’t bother, maybe the parents prayed for such an end and over a cigarette shared I wondered which parents would, I dragged, thinking of Alexander and looked at Alison, exhaling the long day and night, scratching the right side of my nose with the loose from the cigarettes, drenched in smoke and no snow fingertips with trimmed nails. There.

Used Lighter5

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Sunset Brasil

LJ walks into my room as I am sitting with my head between my hands and my black hair goes to my shoulders and I wish it were longer to hide everything even the thing fabric of clothing which covers my skin and what’s underneath the skin, the blood, the muscles and the drenched in pain bones which will snap in two.

“You knew it?” I asked and LJ just stands there for a while, playing with the wallpaper, trying to scrub it off with his nail, remembers where he is and just looks up at the fan circulating and sending the room into motion.

“About Olivia?” He stops and turns off the fan, thinking that I’m cold, but I just wave my hand to keep it on and Jack Lawrence just sighs and turns it back on, shivering slightly and falling on the floor, quickly adjusting the glasses and glossy hair as I sit up and arch my back.

“Yeah. I did. They came to mine once, wasted and Jack poured whisky over her, asked for a bottle of Jacks and licked it off her cheek.” And LJ just twirls his fingers in the air, glancing at my guitar case and eventually he stands up and open the window, looking at the warm orange sky.

“And?” I ask.

“And.” He ends with a full stop and prepares to leave the room, but stomps his foot, turns around and sits on the bed with me.

“I thought you liked Jamie.” I fall onto my arms again and the curtain of my hair opens to show the concert of worry as LJ drags me onto the balcony, gives me a cigarette and lights it with a Zippo lighter, giving the flick and I smile as the smoke blows into my eyes and lands as snow on my eyelashes before it melts and I inhale, holding swiftly onto the cig and I throw the curtains back, letting the screen fall.
“Yeah.” I say and he just sits on the balcony again.


I hope you enjoyed it and well, as usual it can end up being a longer story and I like how LJ ended up being so yeah:3

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Stale Smoke In A Running Circle5

He breaks a cup and we stare at the shards and I sit on the floor and lean my head against the shards as Alex leans lower and picks them up and cuts two fingers and drops the shards in the garbage can.

“Put your fingers under the water. Cold.” I say and he does so, opening the tap with the other hand and his blood mixes with water and everything seems like a pink elixir which I could drink and I press my lips against and I wonder what would happen if I would press lipstick into it too and mine and Jamie’s future kiss and life underneath Alex’s healthy blood and I start digging my hair under the water as well.

Alex doesn’t say anything as the water starts filling up the sink and my hair becomes the moss of the lake and the pond to become a swamp of thoughts and Jamie butterflies to fall away from and fly deeper into the forrest and I’ve got Alex the younger kid try to drink the water

and then Alex pulls me by the hair up and I gasp my first shard of air, like birth and I start crying harder.

“Jamie. where is jamie where is jamie mamie jamie jaiwef “ I sob and he holds me and the night is all we’ve spend so he touches my hair and we hold there with all the windows now open and I lean my head against his and we both end up smiling or Alex for both and I look up and see no butterflies in this season and in the end I stand up and tell the kid how to make pure coffee and he doesn’t get any milk so we head out and spend some money on it on the way back into a second Tesco and we stop as he takes my hand and twirls me around as the lights go on and off.

Sometimes you feel love towards a stranger you adopt.

We head back inside and have more breakfast and then Alex suggests going to the park and feed some nuts to the squirells in Kensington as he says his parents would take him there as a kid and the tube ride is long and I relax even if everyone and anyone is and looks like Jamie, I’ve got a fake Alex to hold onto, a plastic cheap Queen mask to smile against and the fake smile will be the world’s and the rest will be for Alex to hide from.

Stale Smoke In A Running Circle6

Sunday, 8 July 2012


I pay to get a mars bar from sitting alone and it’s been quite a few hours and I’ve even managed to sneak into the toilet and sit there for an hour, people most likely thinking I’ve been wanking or had fucking diarrhea and I just sat there staring at my reflection and flicking my mobile on and off waiting for nothing and when you expect nothing you do get nothing.

So I just head back onto my seat and press my head against the window everything will pass, I’m not even crying anymore and I walk across the wagon to get more chocolate and I wonder if we’ll have enough bus stops for a cigarette and I wait.

When I was a kid I would run around the wagons and then head back and sit there getting excited for London, maybe then I had knew I was gay with a little red hoodie on with mum patting my head, getting me a Cadbury cone and I wonder how much London will be like and how much more stuffed the tube will be and how proud will London be for a while until I leave and board the train to Heathrow and then to the US.

I look around, sitting up and well, my mind is way too blank and I think the joint I quickly did makes sense or maybe I didn’t on the stop we had to do due to the change in rails or whatever the fuck that was.

I leaned out of a window and smoked when the wagon was sleeping and I waved to an English farmer who thought I was an insane smoker and I threw my joint out to the cows and I looked forward to the US for a bit, knowing that I would be no one, I had no one and your past lies within your love really.


I had watched Weekend a few weeks or so ago and well, I'd say it's one of my favourite movies and the depth and well, really if you haven't watched it you should, this will take events after the ending obviously from Glen's point of view so far:3 

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Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Blunderbuss Angel said The Union is Forever 3

I look up from my glass to see Jamie laughing and pointing at something and more glitter falls and I see it different from the pink walls with women and Jamie starts blowing bubbles into his beer as the women leave and it’s just us because everything is bought for the night and we collapse onto the bed, not touching anyone or everyone, ourselves

Jamie tells me he’s married tomorrow, so we don’t do anything.

We walk out into Sainsbury’s in the morning as it opens myself in an old Led Zeppelin t-shirt and Jamie in a jacket zipped up to hide his torso and we choose ice cream, still managing to get a queue for the self check out and we eat the ice cream on the way back, stumbling across the bars we’ve been and regions then I start running towards Lothian road for the fuck of it, laughing, all bars closed and the stores peeking their eyelashes out and the buses strolling, a sunday is a sunday with a few and I run to the road and I stop on it, feeling the light on and I tip the ice cream onto my tongue and I stay there as two cars rush past me

and Jamie is on the other side of the road, his socks pink and pink.

I eventually cross to him when all cars stop and we stumble higher onto the end of the street, walking across the town with nothing and no even with ice cream in our hands anymore and we walk back home which is for the next hours as I get Jamie ready and I kiss him sadly and softly as he waves his arms around and we stop

We’re not home anymore

We’re lost

Among time and streets

On Lothian road with the bars, shops and people and tents on roofs and the road to the centre of

something older than us so we hold


a home

I kiss him again


Homesick :) so yeah xD

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The Blunderbuss Angel said The Union is Forever 4

What Difference Does It Make8

I press my head against the covers, chin down, leaking down into the white sheets and I exhale the smoke from the cigarette which is in my mouth, making the smoke go up like snow and then I see it fall into the ceiling, hit it and dissolve and I think of Alison too much as Paul woke up, tired from waiting for me and I look at my drawers counting them up and down, pressing the cigarette into the covers, as I stand up and I take duct tape from the floor and I rip it with my teeth and I start taping Paul’s door.

“Remember our trip to Rio?” I ask him.

“Meah.” Paul says as he spits out toothpaste and I light another cigarette to throw it on the bed as I watch the bed catch fire.

I press myself harder against the door.

“Paul.” I say nothing and he turns on the tap more and we both stop.

I recall how we couldn’t get to Christ to see him for two days straight and we got charged extra for being foreign and how you can barely take anything with you and how poverty leaks out and stops at the cars and the chains which managed to crawl in the city stay in the dim lights and I light a cigarette for myself as the fire catches everything and I close my eyes, letting the fire lick my neck and I feel my entire body burn.

I think Paul knows where to sneak out and he does after he cannot open the door and fears for his dear life.

I exhale and I smoke more until my hands are numb and my eyes don’t see but I am there with black wings among the fire and she sits there smoking besides me now and she catches more fire, exhaling and blowing into me.

“Paul, do you remember Rio? That’s when I threw water on you and we agreed Ipanema at night was nice and nothing else. Too much poverty and sometimes a perfect distopia is not to bad when it’s behind you with the stars above and then you know it’s not.”


Well, that's it.

Uh, I guess whoever wants an explication I'm here to explain xD but yeah:3

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and yeah, I hope it doesn't seem too rushed and I didn't feel when it was going to end so yeah:3 and yeah xD

I'm in Rio and yeah it's odd and yeah xD Ipanema is nice though:3 what pisses me off is that you shouldn't carry stuff around and yeah XD

thank you:3


Friday, 6 July 2012

Candy Cane4

I wake up from cold sweat as if I am in an airplane a small fear I had as a kid, when I had just tried the feeling of not knowing what is the sky and you’re in it, like some giant nightmare. 

So I wake up in cold sweat with Daniel throwing the covers over me and pulling me closer and I look at his stubble as it softened with love and sleep and I kiss him and he pulls me nearer, whispering dreams into my ear and I close my eyes for a while before sitting up again and wondering the night. 

I eat cereal and he starts packing the bags and I nearly vomit from the amount of hours he says and I have more dreams of planes and skies and stars and comets and ships as Daniel listens to an audiobook on the plane to sleep, his head falling on my shoulder and he slips away onto the floor before I catch him and I just look at the orange juice, in trains or planes 

And then when we’re in the hotel with all the people from their cuts sometimes reality hints with Jamie in my head and the vacation and the packing is really my head under a newspaper on the couch and candy clings to the teeth that I cannot unfold and I recall Daniel running down Ipanema and how the sea looks and how he twirls me

and I see Jamie in the night.

I’m in the sea again, swimming, so many dreams and the drains in the sand, falling down, twisting, one hand over another and he vomits and he becomes the sea which drains the land.

Daniel wakes me up.

We’re going to Rio anyway.

I saw Jamie in the sand and sea again and he gave me tea, well, we met on the morning before I left.

I look to see close if he has any gray hair and I think I see a steak and we don’t say anything, all dialogue between us forgotten and he barely touches his donut, something he just ordered which jumped in orange letters, we just drink our coffee and stand up and leave walking hand in hand, Jamie most likely in a trench which looks like Kate’s but he has enough money for his own now so I just don’t mention and I wish I had taken his donut with me and I wish Daniel would play guitar for me on one of our first dates at his house he’d take the guitar say that’s easier through music, smile, loosen his tie or even take it off and he’d play and I’d just sing and then he’d squeeze juice.

I just miss him too much so I leave Jamie on the sidewalk as he watches back, knowing that I love someone else just as much, someone who I need physical contact with, so I wrap the scarf around and Daniel packs the bags as I watch and he doesn’t mind me apologizing so long so I just press myself against the carpet.

“Can I move in?” I ask. “As in, I sell my house.” And I think to see myself crying with tears, I still had some stuff left at my old house and he just grins stronger and kisses me asking me if I am sure and I nod.
No Jamie not even on the sidewalk to leave, sometimes I just wanna fall in the sand and 

“We will.” Daniel says showing me more and more photos of Rio, those which attract tourists and those myself included who believe Rio to be so exotic with all the things, the beaches with the same things and well, weather.


Currently in Brazil so shamelessly using it, gonna make every character feel uncomfortable with the friendliness I'm getting



Sunday, 1 July 2012

Broken Black Varnish Requiem 2

Alex blows out some smoke, sitting with a towel wrapped around his bruised head and he still has his glasses on which makes me grin and he watches me just run around the garden in swirls as I start laughing and I stop as a man jumps up and grabs the wooden fence to hold and he grins.

I see Alex’s mental note to make the fence higher.

“Hi.” I say first, feeling a strap become a bit lose on my shoulder and look at his black curls and he notices Alex and also starts smoking.

“Hi, neighbors.” And he salutes for whatever reason and he and Alex blow out smoke at the same time, I quickly glance at Alex and his fringe which is dropped low onto his glasses due to the towel and I back off and soon enough a red haired little girl chips up, most likely the man is holding her.

“Hi!” and then Alex waves and stands up, holding the cigarette in his teeth, failing to exhale properly so on his way here he drops the cigarette and I kiss him briefly, taking off his glasses and putting them on myself.

“Hi.” Alex says and the girl stretches out her arm.

“I’m Jack.” The curly haired man says as he also drops his cigarette and I look at how pale he is and how his eyebrows look and how mature he looks unlike Alex who looks forever seventeen.

By the end of the meet, Alex fails to light a cigarette as we head inside and he swears, looking up and blowing too much smoke that it circles and becomes a fog and I just sit on the floor.

“Look, stop, being so jealous.” I say and I imagine myself eating an apple as I say that but I can’t be bothered to wash one and Alex just presses his nose against the kitchen tiles and kisses his reflection to give me more love as I laugh and he washes an apple for me as I hug him from behind and he eases.

“I’m just always scared of losing you, Alison.”

“I know, same.” And we stand like that eating the apple as we hear the child smile from the fence, watching what marriage looks like.

Broken Black Varnish Requiem 3

She drains the sun.

I spread out my legs even more, gasping at the tongue between my legs thrusting in and out and I push the blonde head deeper against my skin and I keep thrusting, moaning, getting turned on by her hand underneath the plaid skirt, the smell of sex and our moans making the music room sing and I thrust against her teeth and then she starts shaking, she’s about to cum and I yank her hand away and throw her on the floor and start riding her tongue, pulling her hair, taking off my shirt and thrusting harder against her lips.

Not enough.

“Mmm...Alison.” And she stops licking for a while and I look at her, the younger, fourteen girl. I picture her with her girlfriend scissoring earlier, rubbing each other’s breasts and I look at the girl handcuffed to the chair, her legs stretched out like mine, gasping, her underwear wet and I stand up and kiss the girl.

“Alison.” And she moans as the blonde girl starts licking me from behind.

“Naughty.” And I bite her lip and go on top of the girlfriend and the blonde girl makes me cum after a while and I scream.

After that I watch them share a dildo which I’ve brought in, both of them sucking in before sticking it inside each other as I finger myself and then cum.

I take my backpack and leave the school, fixing my hair, sometimes you don’t have enough, I get turned out by girls touching each other, mm, raising their skirts and well, once you know there are a lot of girls who prefer girls and like action with a snap and a thrust.

I stop at the ice cream van with a young lady peeking outside, a straw hat holding the top of her hair as some red strands fall down.

I look and I smile, going towards her, sometimes I wish I knew who were gay and not. She gives me the ice cream and I eat it in front of her slowly, looking at the ground, eating the Cadbury flake in it and swallowing the cone of out nervousness, one thing is fucking girls you know who would do anything for pussy and another is a stranger outside your world and the woman just smiles at me.

“Hi.” I tell her and she smiles at me and I look at her rainbow heart badge. She could just have a gay brother.

“Hiya.” She says and smiles, playing with her leaf necklace and then making an ice cream for herself and she closes her eyes licking it.

I want to jump over and peck her nipples and see if she’s wet already or if she wants me to work my tongue on her, but instead I just stand and look at the red woman and smile.

I don’t think she’s a virgin and she drains the sun.


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She drains the sun.2