Monday, 30 July 2012

There Is Something About Jack White 2

I first heard Jack White when it had been too warm in London but not to warm in Florida and when Jamie would walk around in a sloppy white baggy shirt and gray shorts which had been jeans and he had ripped last week, he didn’t have a cigarette but he seemed to be longing for one, money wasn’t too short but we agreed to hold a day without cigarettes, he had come with a vinyl instead as I stopped on Sex and the City embarrassed, characters flowing through my head and I flicked the television off, my hair growing already up to my shoulders.

“Jack White.” I had been a beaten up vinyl of De Stijl and we listened to it, managing to quickly walk down and buy a bottle of cheap tequila and cigarettes, laughing and Jamie trying to get the songs and singing the misheard lyrics, then we had walked out, laughing, mumbling stuff against each other, wearing skinny shirts and baggy old pants just to get more drinks to mix and have a hangover just to kill another day. When we were younger we just wanted to kill off more days with alcohol and when we could get hold of drugs, laughing, sometimes going hysterical like there was this one time when Jamie started screaming and the neighbors had to tell him to shut up and he opened the door mouth wide, screaming and me tapping his head with the joint in my hand I wouldn’t even recall the mix we did, but we hurled ourselves as deep as we could into the window with no air the next day.

That time I had also been wondering a bit about women as Jamie would drag girlfriends in bed and in the morning Jamie would walk out with a morning erection, my hair cut short and the woman would scream of sex and smell like it, bend over and I would watch drinking black coffee, as they would discuss Twin Peaks, a small test Jamie had and I would watch the women more, none of them were ones I wanted, but I still felt a tingle.

I felt as if I was the younger sister spying on the brother having sex or sister and imagining myself having sex with the partner.

Once Jamie had been making out on the couch and I was cutting a carrot and his red haired girl leaned over and kissed me drunk, laughing, I ended up eating the whole carrot and blushing at every mention of Jack White’s red heads then and I ended up more fruits as they had sex and I’d shrug off any mention to a man inside me and I would just fall on the floor, trying to make sure the gasps would fly over me and I would avoid it by the cold floor and the night would close my eyes as the stars would reach me from the skies, clouds and windows.

I closed my eyes trying to imagine the opened windows and I saw women, beautiful women, brave enough to touch people of their own sex and I gasped, thinking of the red head, I bit my lip to get her off and I started touching myself to the two women, it had been turning me on too much, I was biting my lip, furiously slamming my hand against myself, not going in, dripping the clit in my own come, sometimes licking, as I imagined the women scissoring, shaved, wet, screaming, all the apartment screaming of sex and


I screamed

I quickly covered my mouth, gasping, stumbling on the floor, scared that Jamie might’ve heard me and thought that I had wanked to them both, but I didn’t, I started crying, scared not of my sexuality but Jamie.

Jamie had always been the man who confused me, the act was always so pure and on stage when he had me, his guitar like a cock between my legs and we would have this pure fruit, a sacred thing on stage later a few years later, because sex wouldn’t attract us, we’d rather even eat an apple together as he would comment on the episode of Sex and the City as we both just sat there.

That had been sex for us or hurling a guitar between us.

But still Jamie confused me, while Jack and Agyness were concrete. Jack was me wanting him to lick him, touch him, sometimes I would just grab him and well

Or Agyness constantly teasing me, neither was a threesome an option the thought of either touching each other was jealous and I couldn’t love both, Jack was a man, I was a woman and Agyness was a woman. In my head slowly as I lived with Jamie, he resembled a sexless thing to me for all of a sudden even if he had women, he attracted me, but I kept him close, giggling anyway as Jack wanted me and I wanted him, it took a bit of a while for me and Agyness to have sex, we both said the idea stuck us both while we had been walking with the lights on and people hiding in pubs for a shag, joint, drink or food and we just wondered the label and word of friends still upon us even if we had kissed, we didn’t see each other as massive sexual objects as we ended up being way later and deeper.

We both smile too much after sex, lying in bed, kissing each other, legs still entangled and clits brushing lightly, tongues gasping. It’s not even about loving her as a woman who loves a woman when it turns me on and Agyness plays with that, but it’s about loving Agyness as Agyness the way she is, really, it’s never about the sex, we are all sexless, just because some can produce other little ones doesn’t give the other the card not to love, it is about children, but not all are children and not all should be, people think they think about the children, but they leave them on the street with their own thoughts and toys, people think about themselves and never about the child.

If it were about the child, then we would have acceptance and gay marriage and everything and a mojito and a non drinking blood mosquito really with a round of applause from all of us,

everyone is a child

and no one cares anyway about the child. Unless the child is the one they are and live in and happen to. It’s not just about homophobia or being scared it’s about not having a fuck to the others

saying that we care about children is crap

we don’t, we don’t




I know this is not in the request pile but I've been working on this all the time and it's done XD in celebration I shall keep advertising it because this is roughly how my fiction will be and how the themes will be er like I dunno XD basically I hope you enjoy it and thank you, I will have Fucked 2 up as soon as I will sort of have less stuff to deal with XD so yeah:3

thank you and thank you

tell your friend, mum, cat, dog that the new chapter is out XD

p.s. sleepless night don't judge.


There Is Something About Jack White 3

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