Thursday, 19 July 2012

There Is Something About Jack White

There is something about Jack White.

“There is something about Jack White.” Gets whispered around the table which is connected as Agyness blows on her spoon and ends up burning herself as I see her close her eyes briefly and continue eating her soup.

I quickly stroke her short blonde hair, a small sign off affection as she kisses a tip of my burnt well, she kept mumbling as we fell asleep and I ended up staying in front of the mirror, my jeans tight and still on, making my knees ache from the long idea we had of going dancing to some shit pub where girls fake lesbians by humping each other and I think someone clapped as we frenched, some too much attention from straight men which we both lack and don’t need.

There is something about Jack White.

“Did you see his new video, Alison?” As the former model falls on the covers and the bed swallows her before she exhales and laughs, blowing out smoke on her lips and smiling, laughing again like a brief angel if heaven would be us instead of burning smoke.

“Jack’s?” Now I have the smug cigarette and I exhale it, before we’d share our cigarette romantically as we started dating but then the nicotine wasn’t enough and we switched to both, lighting both with one flick the fire in the middle and then we’d briefly kiss. I look at her gray eyes turning blue as she laughs always, she is one of those people who always laugh and have a grin and even when she stood in front of me with a second razor she found somewhere and she smoked a cigarette, clicking her tongue and looking at me through the mirror as her hair would fall and she knew how she played with me.

Agyness loved sex too much, but I guess who wouldn’t so she kept the act and then I just hurled her against the wall on the edge of the bathtub and rubbed her before stroking myself and her and then as we were dripping I pushed her legs further and smashed ourselves together yelling as she’d pull my hair before kissing.

We both came our mouths gasping an inch from each other and she collapsed against me, holding my shoulder between her lips and biting it before it felt that we fell asleep.

I couldn’t fall asleep for a really long while, Agyness turning and tossing as well, maybe feeling like the tables stirred with all the people as if they were dancing and in the middle he appeared, skin as paper and clothes tight to show off the light muscles and hair curls locking the face and he held a cigarette, like a woman, that was what always attracted me in him, how feminine he seemed and then he turns off the lights, pulling a cord as if it were an old London apartment and the people dance now the dresses lit by the ends and he has a microphone which he drops with his drink and goes to me, heels clicking and pushing my head back all the blonde hair for him to see

And he kisses me hard, his lips fully on my mine, hands taking off my shirt

I sit up and Agyness curls against me, her eyes full open, lips saying something and I reply but I feel like I am in earplugs.

“What is it about Jack White, Alison?” She whispers nearly as if the walls have the men I’ve ever loved and denied for another man I’ve loved or not before I met a woman in a bar after long conversations and we laughed at our attempts and spent nights chain smoking in the living room mine or hers, toes intertwining under the sofa and the ceiling felt like stars whilst no stars were shown besides paint, white paint not to feel claustrophobic but it echoed the laughter and our first sex when I went on top and Agyness kept gasping, clustering my shoulders as we were getting the sofa wet, her mouth fully opened and her eyelids sweaty, it felt like the first time touching yourself, you can’t stop until you orgasm and her thighs ached afterwards as we both stood up, shaking, not able to smoke and she gave us both coke and sat besides me as she lit a cigarette for both and our smoke intertwined like our lives, I moved in a week later, Agyness bleaching my hair and I laughed at her, asking if I looked more like a lesbian

And she said she thought she was and that’s how I told her about Jack, saying that he were the only man who I wanted and who would go inside me.

Agyness still smokes a cigarette whenever Jack White is mentioned, draining the cigarette end in the drink she is sharing with me or alone, I think when she goes to a cafe to watch people stroll around and then with a final drag she burns the fire in it’s own concentration, maybe wishing to scream

That everyone know the knack

to Jack White

the feminine thing on stage whose lover I was for a while on the bunk beds and old hotels just because he insisted and took me to his room, to take off his glasses with his shirt and wait for a long while until I would undress, like a groupie and give in

The morning would be orange juice and then whilst eating toast we’d talk, sex behind us, the final test being the first and the beating of the insides and we’d also share food.

“Start over.” Agyness says dragging a cigarette, her legs wobbling, the oven behind her and I press my finger against my lip.

“There is something about Jack White.” I swallow. “He wants you.” She exhales and falls.

There Is Something About Jack White 2

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