Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Sunset Brasil

LJ walks into my room as I am sitting with my head between my hands and my black hair goes to my shoulders and I wish it were longer to hide everything even the thing fabric of clothing which covers my skin and what’s underneath the skin, the blood, the muscles and the drenched in pain bones which will snap in two.

“You knew it?” I asked and LJ just stands there for a while, playing with the wallpaper, trying to scrub it off with his nail, remembers where he is and just looks up at the fan circulating and sending the room into motion.

“About Olivia?” He stops and turns off the fan, thinking that I’m cold, but I just wave my hand to keep it on and Jack Lawrence just sighs and turns it back on, shivering slightly and falling on the floor, quickly adjusting the glasses and glossy hair as I sit up and arch my back.

“Yeah. I did. They came to mine once, wasted and Jack poured whisky over her, asked for a bottle of Jacks and licked it off her cheek.” And LJ just twirls his fingers in the air, glancing at my guitar case and eventually he stands up and open the window, looking at the warm orange sky.

“And?” I ask.

“And.” He ends with a full stop and prepares to leave the room, but stomps his foot, turns around and sits on the bed with me.

“I thought you liked Jamie.” I fall onto my arms again and the curtain of my hair opens to show the concert of worry as LJ drags me onto the balcony, gives me a cigarette and lights it with a Zippo lighter, giving the flick and I smile as the smoke blows into my eyes and lands as snow on my eyelashes before it melts and I inhale, holding swiftly onto the cig and I throw the curtains back, letting the screen fall.
“Yeah.” I say and he just sits on the balcony again.


I hope you enjoyed it and well, as usual it can end up being a longer story and I like how LJ ended up being so yeah:3

Feel free to request and thank you:3


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