Friday, 13 July 2012

Used Lighter4

He lights a cigarette and the smoke runs from his nose and his hair, he inhales more and only the smoke is seen lighting a side of his face as he opens his mouth and screams, nails longer and teeth brighter and as if

Glow in the dark stars start appearing everywhere as they start falling and he walks towards me and he has shorter hair, maybe it’s like how he looked like when he was bitten and he hisses straight into my mouth, grabbing a top hat from the hill behind him as cardboard decorations with sheep and mouths appears and he claps so that the light is lit on the stage and he clicks the lighter and it brings dark to his mouth

I wake up with Alison besides me, as she turns around and he is sitting besides me, sitting on a green velvet stool with one leg as he watches Alison now with longer hair.

“Hi, Jamie.” And he lights a cigarette again and soon after a few blinks he leaves alone leaving the room illuminated by the glow in dark stars for a brief second until Alison opens her eyes and he is above her, his hair longer and stroking her lips briefly as she opens her eyes and she looks at the older vampire and maybe they do kiss indeed but then the stars blink out and he is gone.

Alison stands up, picking her hair in a ponytail and the morning soon comes after, the woman barely holding her eyes with her eyelids, eating the plain dairy food, banging a spoon against the wooden table as we open a window and there is a hailstorm outside and she opens a window to catch ice in her hair and one reaches her eye and I wonder if it would cut her eye but it doesn’t, so she just leaves to work with me.

We sit for a while outside, as the clouds shield the snow, ice and cold and watch the people and a group of schoolgirls bump their way between us into the store. They start yanking all the fabrics of the hangers, trying it on and Alison just watches them as they take the kilts and how their posh plaid fabric contrasts against the second hand store we own under big vintage letters and word of mouth from furious writers, people with no money and just weird people who want to feel a bit hipster in their boring lives.

I don’t focus and wonder how long will life feel now with no meaning.

“I dreamt of a man today.” I start telling her as it starts to rain and the girls keep doing a mess and they eventually leave a pile of clothes on the floor as Alison shows me to hush and clicks her nails against my lips and stands up towards them, their laughter and their lack of makeup or too much of it, all of them with long hair, flat shoes and reeking of a shallow hole their mind is and evntually she clutches one as the rest stare and bites into her neck, her lips filling with colour and her cheeks becoming a pure peach as the others stare.

The flicker of light goes down and so does the light and I see the man counting the glow in the dark stars as Alison gets a human form with every human she bites and I feel the man with the top hat dancing with himself, pulling his invisible partner close as I collapse into a dream and he climbes a staircase on stage.

“My name is Alexander.” He smiles and he goes down to place the tophat on top of me and go to my neck and he raises the tophat, looking into my eyes, kissing my neck, cheeks and lips as Alison proceeds to bite all the girls in a row with all her eyes open and how her cheeks turn more and more peach and eventually she appears in a dress in a distance with the man, as Alexander bites my neck

and Alison proceeds the dance.

“I hate high school.” She says with her teeth all bloody and I blink my eyes open and I see a girl’s head in my lap as all her blood leaks out onto my jeans and my gray t-shirt and the hoodie I have unzipped and I gasp and she just smiles, opening a bottle of yoghurt and draining it right in front of me.

Alison closes the lid and hurls it at me.

“Alexander was his name.” And I tell her all my dreams, how he came tonight and how he bit me, Alison examines my neck and sees nothing, kissing my own neck after a while and patting my head.

“I don’t think it’s anything.” She sights, calming her temples. “A vampire bite doesn’t affect a vampire, Alex used to it a lot during sex, it’s a thing he does.”

I make a mental note to try it and I listen on.

“I don’t think I know how to kill a vampire anyway, there is no daylight, neither fear of crosses or garlic. Garlic just tastes disgusting and he mentioned that it ended up just being a joke between vampires because you can’t really eat anything.” She stops and takes a sip. “Besides blood and yoghurt for whatever reason.”

Alison smiles.

We take the day off cleaning the blood and pouring soap all over the floor and slipping over it, falling over everything as if it is the ice the entire city lacks and by the end of the day we close and wonder who will search for the bodies, but I wouldn’t bother, maybe the parents prayed for such an end and over a cigarette shared I wondered which parents would, I dragged, thinking of Alexander and looked at Alison, exhaling the long day and night, scratching the right side of my nose with the loose from the cigarettes, drenched in smoke and no snow fingertips with trimmed nails. There.

Used Lighter5


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  2. Thank you:3 there will be a new chapter up soon:3