Sunday, 1 July 2012

She drains the sun.

I spread out my legs even more, gasping at the tongue between my legs thrusting in and out and I push the blonde head deeper against my skin and I keep thrusting, moaning, getting turned on by her hand underneath the plaid skirt, the smell of sex and our moans making the music room sing and I thrust against her teeth and then she starts shaking, she’s about to cum and I yank her hand away and throw her on the floor and start riding her tongue, pulling her hair, taking off my shirt and thrusting harder against her lips.

Not enough.

“Mmm...Alison.” And she stops licking for a while and I look at her, the younger, fourteen girl. I picture her with her girlfriend scissoring earlier, rubbing each other’s breasts and I look at the girl handcuffed to the chair, her legs stretched out like mine, gasping, her underwear wet and I stand up and kiss the girl.

“Alison.” And she moans as the blonde girl starts licking me from behind.

“Naughty.” And I bite her lip and go on top of the girlfriend and the blonde girl makes me cum after a while and I scream.

After that I watch them share a dildo which I’ve brought in, both of them sucking in before sticking it inside each other as I finger myself and then cum.

I take my backpack and leave the school, fixing my hair, sometimes you don’t have enough, I get turned out by girls touching each other, mm, raising their skirts and well, once you know there are a lot of girls who prefer girls and like action with a snap and a thrust.

I stop at the ice cream van with a young lady peeking outside, a straw hat holding the top of her hair as some red strands fall down.

I look and I smile, going towards her, sometimes I wish I knew who were gay and not. She gives me the ice cream and I eat it in front of her slowly, looking at the ground, eating the Cadbury flake in it and swallowing the cone of out nervousness, one thing is fucking girls you know who would do anything for pussy and another is a stranger outside your world and the woman just smiles at me.

“Hi.” I tell her and she smiles at me and I look at her rainbow heart badge. She could just have a gay brother.

“Hiya.” She says and smiles, playing with her leaf necklace and then making an ice cream for herself and she closes her eyes licking it.

I want to jump over and peck her nipples and see if she’s wet already or if she wants me to work my tongue on her, but instead I just stand and look at the red woman and smile.

I don’t think she’s a virgin and she drains the sun.


Feel free to request the next chapter:3 I'm sorry I always end up with chaptered ideas XD


She drains the sun.2

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