Saturday, 22 June 2013

Flower Dress

There are some girls which you go afterwards the next morning to ask the wrong bartender and maybe even try to describe as hard as you can how she looks like.

Her brown hair is wavy and I realize that I could do the same with my own hair, but mine looks just as straight if I get it out of the braid after a while and it doesn’t even hold a lot with the gel, but I still do the long blond braid regardless.

She wears a green floral dress and she looks lost, she looks at the window to see me and soon enough looks back, going downstairs, perhaps to the bathroom and it’s not a gay bar, so I don’t know how straight she is, but I still go inside past the men watching the repeat of football and I wait for my drink, still waiting for her to show up as I sip rum and coke. She doesn’t show up, so I head downstairs and I see a queue in the outside, people waiting politely for two girls to stop fucking and I wonder if one of them will be her, but it’s not. The girls finish as I finish my drink, maybe nothing is straight anymore.

The two butch girls walk out, hand in hand, maybe a mirror of us later, of course if I even manage to score. I’m way behind her and I can’t look at her. I wait as the line fades and everyone is back to the top.

She looks a bit like Helena Bonham-Carter but less edgy and with depression on her edges. I tap her shoulder, feeling odd and strange in my jeans, wishing my converse were heels and I wasn’t wearing a plain blazer, because I had just walked in because I had seen her. I’m pretty much broke, but I guess, it’s the fate of walking out when you barely have money, you still waste some, so I did.

She turns around.

She expected a man.

Maybe someone was going to meet her.

“Hey.” I say and I see a new man besides her.

She looks at me with a daiquiri in hand, confused, her boyfriend pleased at the hint of a threesome but I don’t want his unshaved genitals anywhere near my face, so I just turn around, I leave.

I don’t have any cigarettes to light up, so I cross to the Grassmarket, watching her turn into a spot and soon enough men start walking out and she remains on a bar stool with her possibly third daiquiri and I head back in.

I’m scared of touching her when I want to go right between her legs and fuck her hard with my fingers, since, I don’t have a purple goody bag on my shoulder. I just sit beside her and I can’t do anything, I spend more money on rum and coke and I can’t just bring myself to as low as just buying a shot of vodka for a quid and dragging it. So I just sit there.

It wasn’t her boyfriend or maybe she just left herself here, but surely not for me.

“Hey.” She said to me, her dress a bit drenched in sweat and I guess she might’ve been dancing but I wasn’t paying attention as everything was too blurry, it was just following all the blur dancing and whistling from a distance, while observing other drunk men and I’d just see who left and those who remained in a handful.

And then her lips are on mine and the bartender has seen too much so he leaves, to clean more shot glasses and to serve more morons tomorrow who will yell and spill peanuts, men in my head.

The Grassmarket seems awfully empty as it is after three and her hands go on my zipper and I can see how anyone can see us as her lips go for my neck, she pulls me onto the floor and I hear glass clinging from afar as her fingers go inside me already and I start breathing heavily, as she pulls my jeans down, taking off her dress and I see her lilac bra.

I start biting her breasts, pulling her bra off, the area between my legs swelling and wet as she keeps stroking my clit as well and I don’t feel uncomfortable on the wooden floor as she is on top of me and I am sucking her breasts as she starts moaning, her hands working on my pussy and it’s too hot, I keep licking her nipple, my hands shaking but I manage to pull her down and slam her against the nearest wall, my legs threading with hers and I painfully remove her fingers out of me and I start fucking her, our vaginas rubbing, as we start frenching and she removes my blazer and undoes my bra, our breasts massaging against each other. Once we get wet enough she pushes me back on the floor, licking me slowly, tasting me, stroking my clit, pushing her tongue inside me and I motion her with my hand to flip over and I start licking her pussy as well.

I stroke her butt cheeks as I keep eating her out, sucking her, my mind going blank, not understanding what is going on, as she starts getting spasms, she starts to scream and lick harder and then I start shaking harder, harder and harder, screaming, pushing a finger inside her as she is cumming, liquid filling my mouth and I can barely smile to the pleasure as we both squirt in each others mouth.

I keep stroking her pussy and her wet entrance as she keeps coming and my legs spread even further as I beg her to fuck me more with her fingers and we keep coming, our bodies tensing and it feels wonderful.

Then we both squirt as much as we can and then look at each other before giving one last lick and one last spasm, our bodies aching sweetly and I want her again, so I put her on the counter, the bartender understanding what the hell is going on and I eat her out again.

“You’ve got a hot ass.” She breaths and comes again in my mouth from my sole teasing tongue. After that she strokes me and I come, we keep scissoring another few orgasms until we actually get told to get the fuck out, ignoring the fact that we are naked and our cum practically covers the bar.

The walk to mines was nothing along with the beer cans and my unmade bed seemed made all of a sudden, made for sex and she fucks me with her fingers again.

My head is spinning as I cannot understand what is going on as she just tribs against me and I can’t stop

My head is spinning and her hair is stroking my own, my braid with my hairclip is long gone, I love sex all of a sudden and it becomes my essence as I handcuff her to my pillow, her hands still holding in tact and in the desired position as I take a dildo from the drawer, thanking that it had been washed randomly during a forced clean up over the phone and I blush thinking of my parents, but she takes all the regret of memories away with her leg around mine and I stick the dildo up her butt and she moans.

I don’t even know her name and I bite her neck harder as I take another dildo for myself and for her to enjoy up my ass.

We keep breathing into each other’s mouths, our tongues mixing and I don’t know which body is mine and whose tongue I’m licking, my body all numb from all the orgasms and I keep fucking her even if I can’t see anything anymore, my body screaming from all the pleasure and she thrusts again and all I see is her eyes barely open, our hands working and us coming.


Ok, I had no imagination left for the title XD I'm tiiiireeed XD I'm off to bed after writing this amazing sex scene and yeah XD it was sexy XD

request for more sexy as I want them to fuck more, yay :D

The actual original story was left on hiatus as I randomly did two girls and lost interest in it XD and this one was done by me randomly walking past a pub and seeing a girl XD tadah that's about it XD no I didn't have sex with the girl, I simply walked home with Callie xD and we like were spreading etsy XD Ok, I need sleep XD I've deleted like stuff about sex here XD ok, I need sleep, no, really I need sleep

Go buy my etsy shirts XD


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