Saturday, 15 June 2013


And Meg shoots herself in the head.

When she’s dead she tells me that she didn’t want to get caught.

I was walking behind her, actually becoming friends with her for once for standing up for gay people, even if Jack looks like he couldn’t care less at all, when she was talking to me in the canteen Jack just kept eating his soup, he said it wasn’t bad and apparently he seemed to eat a lot of soup and Meg had started to learn to do three more different types, so that when they move out she can feed him.

So I was walking behind them and then Meg turned around and told me.

“I need some spare cash.” And she grinned and I saw them walk into the closed Hollister and I was scared that the camera had caught me and that I’d also be in jail. I had just talked to her that one time, so I called the police and they had caught Meg with Jack and Meg had shot herself, saying that she doesn’t want to get caught.

So Jack would be taken out and I would try to make it in, as they leave Meg’s body in the store, no one shopping with no tacky teenagers walking naked to attract both gay and straight men. It then makes sense how Jack has fancy shoes, which Alex Turner had worn on stage, how Meg has all the rare vinyls, how she has the LV bags, it occurs to me then that they steal as I walk near the police station, Meg avoiding my thoughts, rather her face and I can see blood everywhere, I can see her shooting herself.

And even if I try I can’t get in, where they keep her body.

I go and sleepover at the police station with Jamie, with all our clothes thrown around, I feel as if now we are in the Hollister and I start making out with Jamie, feeling that I am behind the bars, like I should be, if I would get caught as Meg would do a glamorous escape with her hair flowing in pig tails, riding, waving her hands, stretching her hands behind her, sun making her smile, but then maybe that’s how she is now, in heaven, alone, because she’d be the only there, with one only sin, stealing. I’m not even sure she’d wait for Jack, but she’d make soup for him. Meg’d lay down her pretty head on the table and sleep, the soup never going cold.

Maybe then, after I make out with Jamie and let him penetrate me, as police go in that small cubicle, I see myself stroking her hair, my black mixing with hers dyed as her eyes raise to see me and the soup is gone, as it is not for me.

I take the same gun, it’s to the same head and I shoot myself, not to get caught, Jamie left with Jack, the men left behind, something we don’t need in a heaven.


I actually had a weird dream like that, obviously I've edited my bits, but the stealing Hollister and shooting not to get caught and I was the one reporting, yeah, that's the dream O_o it was pretty bizarre but I've had this dream a few days ago and I've been carrying it around, I was thinking to use it for the Jonny/Thom. But I've ended up using something different for that one and I think Alison/Meg turned out great :D

Unfortunately or fortunately it's a one shot :)

So if you want it on print with other stories please feel free to request :D :D :D


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