Friday, 12 July 2013

Genitalium 2


Through out our life, due to media, due to influence, due to many things we get the wrong opinions.

We fuck up.

I grew up in homophobic and transphobic places, I've said things I regret deeply.

Genitalium is one of those.

I kept it throughout the years without revision and it was my mistake and it was obviously a widely read story and remained as one of my most-read.

Now it's finally gone. I didn't even know how to continue it for years actually. Because it has no ending, because the ending is in every fucking cissexist/transphobic female out there.

Thank fuck and bye, Genitalium.

Maybe one day I'll be pissed off enough and take some transman story I'm writing and place it here as a proper spin-off of the disaster that once was, who knows, that will tick off those who sent me death threats.

In the mean-time, here's some actual great trans romance:

Stale Smoke In A Running Circle
Joyce, Joyce
An Ode
Sultry Room
PDD or Hypoxyphilia


  1. I really like this story. please, post more.

  2. Awwww, thank you:3

    I've shamelessly put this story on hiatus as all my fiction to be fairly honest, so yeah :\ but I should pick it up soon!

    If you want another trans story, I'd recommend Blue/Jacket which is Milex and I've been writing that one eagerly and it gets updated more often :)

    thank you, I'll have that one up soon sometime :3

    thank you, I was scared no one cared about it anymore :3 thank you!!!


    1. Well, your stories made me realize that I've been shamelessly unaware about this subject. So I've done some research about everything related to trans people and gender dysphoria.
      Yeah, I've read Blue Jacket. Gotta drop a comment there too.

    2. That's ok! I write them to raise awareness as well because we don't have enough anywhere to be very very honest! If you ever have any questions feel free to ask me!
      Yay :3
      I'm so so glad that you enjoy my stories :3