Monday, 15 July 2013

I Know You Will

“Why are you braiding my hair?” I ask Maddie as I don’t touch anything near my hair, as I feel her fingers slide through and swiftly make a few braids before ending up in a bigger one and I sigh.

“Well, you’re not that evil, so you won’t interrupt me.” She giggles and keeps doing it. I open my eyes to see her behind me in the reflection and sometimes I wish I could take out a random table and drink grey tea. Apple was shocked to learn that I drink milk with it, but she got me some, when I asked her, when I was laying in bed like a star, wondering why can’t I send some stars above my own bed, but that wouldn’t be too evil for me, it would be too tender, something Apple would do and Maddie would avoid. Her room is a mess of all colours and teapots scattered all over with her thousands of pet mice running around and playing Monopoly.

“Why are you doing this?” I ask again. Maddie starts brushing the end of the braid.

“To make you look more straight, of course. I mean, you’ll chase Dexter away. I mean, people think I’m contagious.” To which Maddie saddened a bit, it has caused quite an uproar even if it doesn’t really change anything written, its more about if she will affect anyone else’s story. And looking at Maddie, makes me even scared.

I look at her polka dotted gloves and I want to touch them with my own lips, tell her I don’t care and actually refuse the fate which will be written for me as I go down the path in the forest and onto the ever after after where I will be killed. All I get is some enjoyment and hate in my blood which I’m not allowed to spit out.

I don’t know what to tell her, because I myself am closeted, I don’t even know how is it to have a person who accepts you. I know that Maddie would accept me, but I know Maddie she will say it out and say that I surely shouldn’t go down such path, as I am supposed to be intertwined with Charming’s son. I feel disgusted by him and how Apple even shudders away from him sometimes, whenever he pays attention.

I look up at Maddie and I sigh.

Closing my eyes, feeling the need for any female I can find and I keep breathing out slowly as Maddie takes out her table slowly and starts making me tea with milk and three sugars. I like it pretty much sweet unlike Maddie who only takes one spoon, liking her tea pretty strong, so she waits longer for her tea to be stronger and we sip slowly, wondering how could day two be with Maddie confessing her sexuality not only to herself, to me but to the entire school and Goldilocks putting it on MyChapter.

I don’t stroke Maddie’s cheek and I feel myself biting my lips.

“Oh, come on, so what if I like girls? That doesn’t mean I prefer coffee to tea, now that would be a disaster.” And Maddie laughs, pouring herself another cup of tea and another one to cool down a bit. She drinks both of them one after another, though.


Aaaand I don't think I'll reveal the pairings and anything (cackles loudly). But after me critising EAH, I randomly felt like fairy tales today and I decided to check it but I started from Apple's story and I pretty much enjoyed it. I like Raven too, but I just really like Apple xD I feel like... I can do stuff XD

So basically right now, I'm kinda searching stuff on Zoe Devlin-Love, so if anyone has some interviews or something related please poke me T_T

So basically, while I'm waiting and searching, I felt like in a writing mood and figured to post something which isn't really requested, well, I've got EAH requests, but this one is yeah :O anyway, I figured, give at least one EAH fanfic up :3

Obviously request :) and if you're here for the first time, since it is a new fandom, I run on a request basis :D so feel free to request the next chapter :3


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