Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Bring to boil

It’s the tables and the lesbians that don’t make porn.

I don’t find lesbians as porn, but then that falls into the category that I do not find women attractive at all and I see how I take the lighter from Dita as she pretends to be smoking something herbal just to waste time and get the same break I do. I look at her fluffy heels and I just admire how she gracefully manages to carry so many mugs at the same time with a smile and then fix her entire make up.

I hate it when men complain that they find her plastic, an injury which caused her to do new breasts and how she makes her skin pale, joking that when she had been in school she’d draw ballerinas on it instead of maths.

“I’d do him.” I tell her.

“Yeah, Max.” She just replies. “Ooooh, I’d do her.”

She nods at a blonde girl with a smaller child, pulling the kid by the hat and we both smirk.

We finnish out break and Dita gives out gum as much as she does lighter. I always wondered where she got the spare money from but her reply would never come. With her imagery I did though some kind of strip bar but I went once to her in the night and she had her face mask on with some small kid goofing around, baby sitting.

It was a simple task and it payed her a gum and a lighter so that worked for me. It was for her neighbors and she would do it if it was in her apartment, she’d cook gently a meal, read them something and all with her face in all the possible beauty products she’d scrap off at boots.

Dita tried making some once and failed, all the ingredients costing more than the thing. She managed home dye though and I’ve seen her do it, how she bends over the sink, lipstick still on her face, untouched. Surely, if I’ve been a woman I would do Dita, but it’s not about what’s between the legs, it’s not about caring too much or not at all, it’s just someone I can’t talk to all the bloody time, we need a break from each other, I won’t do eye masks with her.

And that’s it,

that’s not love despite what humanity thinks.


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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Hold The Flag2

The first time I ever had sex was terrifying with no joints shared but a cigarette before the girl had crawled into my bed, revealing a red thong.

I had no thongs back then, no guts to try and pass at a lingerie store, still going even now in plain cotton briefs.

It felt like biting a pillow, no one would hear and there would be no point, you would miss. She had trouble finding my clit and she kept getting hair too much in her mouth, I had no idea where to mouth her, she had a brazilian while I had a grown bush. I still don’t understand how can some women have full hair, fuck when it comes to straight men, that isn’t sex, never will be, a sex scene makes me close my eyes because I see it as rape, it’s fake, no woman should be or can be turned on by some asshole pounding into her, it still creeps me out.

That’s why I really dislike people who sleep like that. Women, men who let themselves be used.

I remember I got told that I was a lesbian due to my father being a spiritualist and being a massive fucker. My mother had died and we’d eat roast potatoes because that’s what I would cook. In the end he died off too.

I have roast potatoes and I’ve got a Jesus in my window because he didn’t believe in him.

I look at the woman with the cigarette, breathing out smoke and words which don’t match the music.


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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Heteronormativity is just that bad movie which is always on television because people think it's good according to sexism

Love is a memory which comes alive on the streets and when you’re exhausted when I’m asleep and alive, I dream and think of all the streets.

My room becomes a cage as it doesn’t have as much acceptance as the outside does.

I stopped smoking to get off drugs and I don’t want to drink alcohol when I people and women who smoke in front of me with their hair long.

I am bisexual and people don’t understand it, I say I don’t want a woman, I want a person, I want to be in the kitchen and cooking all the roasted chicken instead of a woman who will burn everything and the salt will spill.

I want neither.

Sometimes the date ends up with a woman wanting me and I spill my drink on her dress, sometimes I think she does so on purpose.

“Wanna fuck?” She whispers through her lips, a woman.

“Only if you fuck me.” I say and then the drink should be in my face but instead all cute men are called gay and never bisexual.

I don’t want a woman who won’t penetrate me back, I don’t want a woman who will stand on the kitchen cooking just because she wants to, I make great ravioli myself and I sit near the oven, flicking the light on and off as I eat.

I started growing my hair, letting it curl around my face and I’ve tried makeup.

I am not myself when I’m closed.

I am myself when I walk the streets of deserted history and when the Royal Mile turns into Holyrood and I can ride a 34 to Leith and lose connection.


Originally it was going to be a Alex Turner/New York, I Love You. I started watching it, I thought it was just going to be something like Paris, I love you, but alas, it wasn't. Sorry for being straight to the face it was awful, sexist and disgusting in my opinion. I had the idea of doing the whole Edinburgh, I love you, because well, Edinburgh, I love you XD so yeah:)

I got really irritated at the movie and when I was writing it ended up being less and less Alex Turner so yeah, but basically I can keep it either as a very queer Alex Turner fanfiction or do fiction :) I even have a name and I guess I'd prefer fiction.

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It's awful how many stupid heteronormative sexist movies we have, sheesh.

I just just keep rewatching Weekend on repeat.

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