Sunday, 23 December 2012

Hold The Flag2

The first time I ever had sex was terrifying with no joints shared but a cigarette before the girl had crawled into my bed, revealing a red thong.

I had no thongs back then, no guts to try and pass at a lingerie store, still going even now in plain cotton briefs.

It felt like biting a pillow, no one would hear and there would be no point, you would miss. She had trouble finding my clit and she kept getting hair too much in her mouth, I had no idea where to mouth her, she had a brazilian while I had a grown bush. I still don’t understand how can some women have full hair, fuck when it comes to straight men, that isn’t sex, never will be, a sex scene makes me close my eyes because I see it as rape, it’s fake, no woman should be or can be turned on by some asshole pounding into her, it still creeps me out.

That’s why I really dislike people who sleep like that. Women, men who let themselves be used.

I remember I got told that I was a lesbian due to my father being a spiritualist and being a massive fucker. My mother had died and we’d eat roast potatoes because that’s what I would cook. In the end he died off too.

I have roast potatoes and I’ve got a Jesus in my window because he didn’t believe in him.

I look at the woman with the cigarette, breathing out smoke and words which don’t match the music.


I haven't been posting lately will being ill and I've been writing stuff like further Paper Guns chapters so yeah:)

I hope you like it and feel free to request:3


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