Saturday, 8 December 2012

Heteronormativity is just that bad movie which is always on television because people think it's good according to sexism

Love is a memory which comes alive on the streets and when you’re exhausted when I’m asleep and alive, I dream and think of all the streets.

My room becomes a cage as it doesn’t have as much acceptance as the outside does.

I stopped smoking to get off drugs and I don’t want to drink alcohol when I people and women who smoke in front of me with their hair long.

I am bisexual and people don’t understand it, I say I don’t want a woman, I want a person, I want to be in the kitchen and cooking all the roasted chicken instead of a woman who will burn everything and the salt will spill.

I want neither.

Sometimes the date ends up with a woman wanting me and I spill my drink on her dress, sometimes I think she does so on purpose.

“Wanna fuck?” She whispers through her lips, a woman.

“Only if you fuck me.” I say and then the drink should be in my face but instead all cute men are called gay and never bisexual.

I don’t want a woman who won’t penetrate me back, I don’t want a woman who will stand on the kitchen cooking just because she wants to, I make great ravioli myself and I sit near the oven, flicking the light on and off as I eat.

I started growing my hair, letting it curl around my face and I’ve tried makeup.

I am not myself when I’m closed.

I am myself when I walk the streets of deserted history and when the Royal Mile turns into Holyrood and I can ride a 34 to Leith and lose connection.


Originally it was going to be a Alex Turner/New York, I Love You. I started watching it, I thought it was just going to be something like Paris, I love you, but alas, it wasn't. Sorry for being straight to the face it was awful, sexist and disgusting in my opinion. I had the idea of doing the whole Edinburgh, I love you, because well, Edinburgh, I love you XD so yeah:)

I got really irritated at the movie and when I was writing it ended up being less and less Alex Turner so yeah, but basically I can keep it either as a very queer Alex Turner fanfiction or do fiction :) I even have a name and I guess I'd prefer fiction.

I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for waiting, I've just been very ill for the past week but now I am quite better and yeah:)

Please do feel free to request

It's awful how many stupid heteronormative sexist movies we have, sheesh.

I just just keep rewatching Weekend on repeat.

Thank you:)


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