Sunday, 14 October 2012

Paper Guns

“Oh my God, I hate Zooey Deschanel!” Jansen exclaims holding her face in her hands, her hair unneatly kept in her bun as I see the other guy from the movie jump around because he got some pussy yesterday and I just end up laughing with her or maybe even with him, but he’s not noticing that I’m laughing at him, instead Jansen looks like she’s seen hell as I pour milk into the bowl, slowly spilling as I see Jansen start making noises so that Zooey would go away.

In the end I just stand up and turn off the television before she actually starts shaking from side to side. I end up poking her temple hard so that she’d snap from her hatred and she throws something at me and I quickly dodge myself from what happens to be a gray sock.

In the end Jansen redoes her bun which makes it look more messy but it doesn’t really look like a bird’s nest even if drenched in black ink. The woman slides against the wall, flicking through channels ending on a weather forecast which hisses no rain and she keeps flicking through Nicki Minaj and more bullshit as I start watching her from the kitchen, eating my cereal spoon by spoon.

“Oi, when is Pixie coming?” I asked, rubbing the milk from my mouth, shivering slightly from the cold, unused to the feeling of morning and lack of snow outside even if it feels like the whole building and people are now made of ice. I hesitate and I end up going to the corridor and stealing Jansen’s bright pink scarf and I breathe no warm air.

“M, I guess in about half an hour.” And she heads into the bathroom most likely to brush her teeth, look up as she does, she also does in the night as the makeup slowly washes off. I used to watch her do it back when we just moved together.

“So, you a lesbian?” She had asked, muffling her voice with toothpaste and she had been wearing silver hoops and my hair had been a bit longer and dyed chestnut brown.

I just hesitated and nodded.

Jansen just spit it out, she had just been Jane then and then she had read this novel and called herself Jansen as well even if she weren’t really masculine but Jansen was something you would never call feminine or masculine, she was just something in between, people would just call her a dyke, but she’d call herself butch even with the skirts, I was the one who wore jeans and would struggle applying something in the first years and Jansen would do it for me.

I had done the wrong motion of giving her mascara and then listened to her saying that she didn’t like mascara besides that purple one she had.

“Good. Me too.” And Jansen had smiled.

“So how is she like?” I say, blushing lightly, I’ve seen Pixie before and I’ve heard Jansen describe her in detail up to her nipples and how their sex had been while I had travelled to London and walked around. As far as I’ve been told they nearly made out on my bed and that had really been it.

“Oh, good, you’ll like her.” Jansen said, looking at her nails.

“So she’s black?” I ask.

“Yeah, for fuckssake.” Jansen sights.

“I’m just-” I’m not racist. “Where is she from?”

Jansen just ignores me and I sigh, putting my bowl back into the sink where I had taken it in the first place.


This is actually more like an experiment really, basically I want to hurl myself back into fiction and point is if you like this please please please request the new chapter XD Basically I want to have fiction on request basis as well and yeah:D

I ended up half sleeping half awake thinking about the plot during a day nap. I don't have a name for the main character yet XD Am I supposed to say the flaws? And Pixie is just her nickname.

I hope you enjoyed it and thank you

Feel free to request fiction XD


Paper Guns 2


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