Friday, 12 October 2012

I Can't Wait5

If I’d wake up when I was a child and I’d see myself I’d let him play my guitar, wouldn’t matter how many times his fingers would overlap and no more noise would be made as he’d hang it back to me, I’d be happy on both sides.

I see Meg sitting on a table in the cafeteria, flicking through a magazine her hair in a low ponytail as she eats school pasta.

I sit besides her, she’s not among the teachers and I myself am not among the students.

I don’t say anything and she replies mutually as I watch her, as she loosens her hair and Alison is off today, a towel was wrapped around her head as I left her, a cigarette dangling and she kept breathing out smoke through her nose, smirking lightly then she started doing smoke rings as her eyes were red from her insomnia and a starting cold.

Meg was too different from Alison with her skirts and how she had held her fork instead of Alison holding it up ready to slash anyone’s eye like this and that.

“Did you fail yourself as a child?” I ask her, eating my pizza, refusing the meat version as today it seemed odd that they put an uneven amount of meatballs on each slice and the next ones would cover all the cheese and would end up running all over the plate like Mario Kart, as if I’d be young again and I could eat them with my mouth.

“No, I don’t think so.” She says coldly and closes her magazine. Meg keeps chewing looking at me as if she were only older and not a middle school teacher with children just started to sneeze on purpose in class.

She chewed slowly and observing me.

I felt a bit uncomfortable from her edgy stare, not telling me to leave me alone but rather demanding explanation.

In the end Meg returned to her magazine, started shaking her leg as I observed blue heels slowly clicking against the floor under our feet, maybe on the head of a fly in the basement and I wondered how many meatballs I’ve gotten as a child.


I'm sorry I've been awfully busy with my studies lately but now I'm finally on holiday, sleeeeeeep :3


I Can't Wait6


  1. Wonder what comes next?

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