Friday, 19 October 2012

Dagger In My Head3

It’s amazing how naive women actually are.

Kate ends up showing after the concert again and taking off all her clothes as I trace my lips on her hands as she lifts them up maybe pray for a God which she does now which doesn’t exist, Kate from all people should no that no sin will send you to a place which actually doesn’t exist.

It’s amazing that men and women who presume to be straight see the opposite gender as an object, but in homosexuality we still do, we just shove them away and have relations with people we love and trust to some extent.

Just like I do Kate.

I tilt her head, lick her neck up to her lips.

It’s amazing what hate can do to you.

The deal was simple.

I grab her lips.

She doesn’t want Jamie for me, simple, she gives me herself in exchange.

Once, after every concert instead of going to an after party and getting drunk with her husband she uses her fingers to thread her own problems away and swallow them, the parasite inside her, so that she could avoid it by smiling, so that no one would she the lack of teeth and tongue if the mouth is closed.


I was thinking I'll look through the previous chapters and sleep with an idea and write in the morning, but I actually failed XD so here is the latest chapter feel free to request the next:) I hope you're enjoying it!



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