Saturday, 27 October 2012

She drains the sun.3

She starts laughing and sits up and I stare at her chest and how the sun goes through the window and she smiles at me, colliding with the light.

Then the red haired woman takes my hand and strokes it, closing her eyes, dipping in the sunlight which among the rainy days seems rare and how the fog had taken over Edinburgh for the past few days where I had just wanted to lay in bed but instead my need had taken over and I’d been fucking other girls literally.

She stands up and undoes the curtains looking outside, hands crossed over her chest.

“Don’t you just hate heteronormativity?” She says all of a sudden and I stand up to see what she sees. All I see is people scattered but I just can’t give a damn, yeah, we’re all closeted to some extent, but I can’t say I hold any hate.

That’s what I say to her.

“Sometimes I wish I could just grab someone and murder.” She laughs, hair in eyes. “I mean, we’re still the deviants and freaks. I was sitting in the bus and this man kept talking how he met this guy who was typically gay and stereotypical and how annoying we were. Looks like he’s never touched a woman besides his hand in a wig from all the fallen pubic hair.”

“We can’t go radical because of that. I’m just used to shagging without caring.” I smirk, looking outside already seeing a couple.

“I ended up in an accident with a girl. She was accused of homophobia but things got out of hand. I ended up killing her but she was the one who pounced on me. Felt like I could go out. Never made it on the news, some small article on the Metro. People don’t just care anymore.”

I stare at the woman.

“When was that?” I ask her.

“Ten years ago.” She smiles. “I started stabbing her. We had been in the kitchen, she was my sister before I was going to university. I ended up quitting after a few years, I wanted to study LGBT instead of some boring men who would dump women and how everything would work.”

She exhales.

“That’s why I like selling ice cream now, no now knows me. I’m just like Kevin Spacey in American Beauty, I can’t stand it. Only I’m actually gay if I get killed and I’ve got enough murders on my fingers to lick off in job interviews.” She just keeps looking down, the sun going a bit off, but still in her red hair. “I’m Karen.”

I shake her hand.


She continues staring at the street, knowing that we’re the gays.


I SPENT ALL WEEK THINKING HOW THIS WOULD TURN OUT I GO FOR A NAP AND I CHUCK OUT ALL THE OTHER IDEAS XD anyway, I'm pretty content with this chapter and I'm sorry no sex scenes but there will be more XD YAY xD

Feel free to request the next chapters:3

Thank youuu:3


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