Thursday, 1 November 2012


I don’t open the envelope I just leave it hanging there on a pin in front of me and Paul walks besides me a few times, not saying anything as I’ve got quite a line today, must have happened something cruel and I keep opening the envelopes today, too many of them and counting the money inside as instructed by Paul.

In the end I look at a lady who starts claiming that she does not understand why her son left his wife for a boyfriend.

I’m gay,

I could’ve said.

I just lick her envelope making sure the money is in place and I let her go through the door.

Once we had a day when only two people died, lucky and me and Paul played darts with the door, since you can’t open it you might’ve as well do a hole to see through.

Paul laughed at my idea, saying that the door might be the same, but what lies within is different for everyone.

People were gone.

Paul put his arms around me.

I open the envelope.

I count the money and it’s not missing anything, it even has a few coins and Paul just sighs.

People don’t let you complain back.

“My cat died.” I’d get told.

“My boss has a hot ass, but I don’t know if he likes me back.” It’s not a question of being gay or not, its whether he likes you back or not, homosexuality is bullshit, it’s people liking people, I know that I like men from within, but in theory I could fall for a woman, the thing that I don’t like women is another thing.

I read in a print out that I’m still gay in the fax machine, some former workers just type up things and leave them there as we just have a few novels and everyone dies all the time anyway.

People don’t listen even if your cat died, no matter who died or not, no one listens, Paul listened biting his lip.

“It’s you.” Paul says. “You’ve been promoted.”

“But aren’t you the boss, man?” I say looking a bit up, but he’s looking ahead and I try to kiss him but he’s too distant.

“Yeah, but you’re above me.” And he tightens his grip on me, opening the door, grabbing the envelope, counting.

He just holds the door handle and smiles at me.

We don’t say anything.

We don’t know anything besides playing darts, drinking coffee and our job because that’s what we got here.

I get a suitcase and a hat which I discard and I hug Paul and kiss him sweetly.


And that's chapter two feel free to request xD



  1. Please post a chapter 3 of this. I beg of you. It's perfect.

  2. I will, don't worry!!! I was terrified that no one wanted it so thank you, I've been blindly staring at your comments for days thank you so so so so so much, dear!