Monday, 12 November 2012

Used Lighter6

Alison comes back and it’s winter all over again and I see Alexander smoking on the window sill as he watches her and how she puts some mail through him and he looks at her sighting, his hand trying to lift her chin up and he drops it to just walk through the walls.

We drink tea just to heat up in an apartment with barely any windows and I expose my breath expecting to see smoke from my mouth and Alison sits still in her coat, the wet snow covering her hair and hood and she crosses her legs.

I smile at her and we both take hands.

“I went to church.” She says and pokes her right fang as she opens her mouth and I wonder if we should actually still keep brushing our teeth and how many of our habits are left for us to live with since we cannot die and I recall how me and Alison went to a skating ring, laughing and actually managing to skate fast and trip on each other just to walk back home and glance at our store closed due to the late time.

“I thought the church had been closed for both of us.” I swallow and she just shakes her head.

“No. The church should be open for everyone, I also had the thought and I hadn’t been in it for years.” Alison fixes her hair, a strand back and the rest in the front, eyes shaking. “I mean there is so many things the church says not to do that you don’t even feel welcome, you just feel everyone judging you as if that’s it, there’s no way back. You’re dead, you’re in hell, you’re suicidal, you’re homosexual, God doesn’t want you. But what if there is no God? What if God still created vampires..I don’t know.”

And Alison closes her eyes and I stare at her for a straight hour not knowing my own reaction to the church besides staring at the renewed monument from afar with her wondering if it were from the same stone which Alexander might’ve used and I could see him immersing from it, like slime and dragging me into a fast dance, him dancing backwards, the ultra dead and he is pulling me faster and faster into the fire I don’t burn and into the needles which do not hit the heart, the shards of broken crosses which just make my eyes ache.

Alexander comes to me dressed as a priest, teeth armored with grief and he pours hot water both over me and Alison.

“Welcome to Christnening.” And Alison stares at the nothing she doesn’t see as our bedcovers dry instantly but the heat is kept.

She lurches and stops, holding her hand with her throat.

I see Alexander holding a big cross above his head and then slamming it into the floor into the hole he falls as it mends itself up and I start screaming as if he is pulling my mouth with his fingers from behind and I see my eyes turn round to see myself kissing Alison, a married couple, us under the veil and her tongue sharp going into my nose and I open my eyes to see the fingers stretching my mouth until it cracks and Alexander is with the bat again slamming me on the head this time for a dream.


It's weird with the fact that a lot of stuff that has been in the queue was written before and this would be one of it. I forgot that I had written it along with the previous chapter perhaps even on the same day, so yeah:3 I barely remember what I've written which is weird. Callie pokes me sometimes about some part which was good and I can't remember XD neither do I draft so yeah XD

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