Saturday, 3 November 2012

High Addiction 2

She gets scared of turbulence and I just get more turned on as her curls swing with the turbulence and I recall how was it coming out with all the shocks, yells and accusations of not acceptance and even partners or people who presumed how the word would spread in circles and the phobia would circle the streets even if it would be London with its scene I would still press my hands against my ears.

The woman rubs her ring and I keep glancing at her breasts.

In the end I take my bag and I go towards the restroom, I close the door and I take a shaver from the bag, which I use for my legs, how I had let it in was the fact that I had used my brother’s electric shaver and what if I had been transitioning even if I’m not. I look at myself wondering how would I look with a stubble as I press the shaver against my forehead turn it on

Everyone just wants a kiss or a glance

I want a relation and I do not want to be single

So I open my eyes and my hair starts falling off even if I am already short haired and young, I watch it fall upon my nose and I laugh as it makes a moustache and I start crying as they declare turbulence again and I am left with sideburns.

The thought that we might die escalates my mind and crushes me with another lurch and then the seatbelts are declared off with apologizes and I expect more orange juice and I head out, my head shaved and I just sit besides her as she raises her eyes and I smile.

She smiles back, still twitching her ring.

I want that woman as a woman.

Women are full of beauty I’m not lying to anyone, it’s not narcissism, it’s the way I was born just as people do not want children, I want a woman and I stare at her as she stands up to make way to me.

I am wearing a bra even if my own breasts are small. I swallow and she is taller than me even in her flats, just a bit taller and I want that woman. I eye her and I want to lick her whole porcelein body and see her reactions and how her cunt looks and I hesitate at my own rude words and the only word which matches my mind is actually to fuck her.

She is staring at me like this pin up Goddess and I look at her slim waist and I see her in corsets and tied up and all wet as I spread out her legs and lick and she ooohs gasping, looking at me, pleading and then I yank her corset off as she gasps and I kiss her all over, bend her knees and start pressing my self against her, leaning back as she stares at my breasts and pulls them.

I open my eyes realised that I have dazed off in my dream and she taps my shoulder as I look at her ring and I want to pin her down even if she might be twice my age. I’ve never felt so wet in my life and I look at the chucked out heels.

“I’m Alison.” I tell her, my gray hoodie unzipped and I don’t even know which band t-shirt I have on as I look into her eyes full of sex and I just want to at least lick her neck.

I want you, woman.

I want to pin her down.

“Dita.” She smiles and she leaves to the bathroom. After standing for a while I go back and I wait for her to exit hoping that no one else comes and I slide my hand through my hair wondering what the hell did I just did as I recall myself blowing at the entire hair.

I bang the door and she opens, everything down, including her black thong and she smiles at me as I look at the trail of cum between her and the fabric.

I go in and stop at my knees, her long nails press against my cheeks.

We stare well, more like her pussy stares at me and leaks with juice.

“Well...” She says and then lowers her head to my level, she strokes my head and I gulp as he hesitates but plants a kiss upon my lips and digs her nails deeper in my cheeks, most likely leaving marks and I slide my tongue in, moaning.

She gasps as I motion her to stand up and I give her a strong lick and she screams, clutching the sink and I smile, kissing her cunt and sucking it lightly. I glance at her green stone ring, maybe an emerald or something cheaper, I’m not one to wear rings.

I press my head away as she gasps.

“Are you married?” I left the question to whisk in her mind.

“No.” Dita gasps and her legs are shaking from the passion I’ve given with my tongue. “I got that ring from my parents ages ago.”

She bites her lips.

“Ok.” And I continue licking harder and harder until she comes and she clutches my now shaved head.

Her legs go around my neck and rest on my shoulders as I plant soft kisses and she keeps stroking me and raises me above by my shoulders, undoes my bra, kisses my cheek, undoes my jeans, slips her fingers into my self and starts rubbing, tugging, playing with my clit as she makes out with me and I just nug her down, sad, depressed, the turbulence sometimes returning and she sees my reaction and slips everything down from her and presses herself against me.

“Look, I’m yours.” And she thrusts and I moan as our wetness rubs and she keeps working on my entire body harder and harder until I moan in her mouth and she sweetly presses her fingers against my self and licks her fingers, tugging me in closer to her, as if tugging me in to sleep in a public airplane bathroom.

“I always wanted a butch woman to come and take me away.” I just close my eyes and let her night take me away as well.


I actually wrote this chapter back as pages tells me 2 september and it's been waiting ever since XD don't kill me:) Sometimes I write stuff ahead and then it waits for its time to be published due to the queue xD I'd like to say thank you as I always do:3

Thank you:3

I hope you're enjoying it so far:3

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High Addiction 3


  1. Well, this is one of my favorite stories of yours. Not sure if that's because it is well written, or maybe because it allows me to fill in my lesbian desires? Somehow... Cause the real Alison, I know it, I will never get. And it kills me.

  2. Thank you:3 It's one of my favourite as well and I was tense in a plane flight which was absolutely horrid and I wrote this piece :3

    Well, you never really know :) In the end musicians sometimes end up with people like us :) and they were once like we are:)