Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Before The Stripes2

I stayed at my parents for a few more nights as I had a hungover. I think I ending getting a bug and I just recall as if like a scene from a movie people would put mashed potatoes in front of me.

I remember when I just moved in my flat, mom told me to buy loads of potatoes that they are cheap and that you can do anything with them.

I guess we were having a rough time. I try to avoid buying potatoes for my home, before dinner I headed out and I met up with Brian and he lent me a cigarette as I tried to save up my own and I had spend too much money on booze. The point of booze was, you end up screwing too much money on it, true, it drains your memory and the cheaper the faster it will get to your head even with a shot. I’ve seen some even get just one shot, get enough pissed and sting onto someone else and get a second and so on.

Or just mix two things too quickly.

Brian just kept talking and I just watched as we walked on the street and I looked how night coloured the day and how the lights would go on and how some women would undress themselves for the men or maybe even women, some things had been whispered to me in school.

We went into the bar and I ended up drinking from Brian’s beer and then he had drank from my own and I looked at the bar girl with her hair in two ponytails and I found myself looking at her skirt.

I ended up winking at her and she just interpretated it as another drink and this one would be me and Brian sharing the alcohol along with the price.

I went into the bathroom and I wanted to scream.

I ended up vomiting, I might have had tempearture and after a while, I headed out, waving to the girl, having nothing in my mind but I had made it to my apartment with unmade chairs and after a very long rest I made a few chairs and fixed old to see the sun rip through the curtains which were stained.

I went to wash my face and I had falled asleep on the toilet, humming something.

The next week my mother had taken me to a doctor.


I'll be honest this took me quite a while to figure out what to write, as I've been writing more and more fiction and yeah. I was really thinking where I want to go with this and I don't think I want it too long as it's getting a bit troublesome, but I quite love it, so yeah xD

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  1. oh dear, you're going to end this story?

  2. basically I was just saying that I find it hard, I guess I needed a small break from it, but I'm pretty much glad to continue and that's not really the ending, so there's more to come:)

    feel free to request:)