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There Is Something About Jack White 3

I remember how I met Jack White it had been when and I guess I still do call him sometimes Jack White in my mind because it sounds nicer, I had known him as John for a brief period, just briefly, when he had introduced himself muttering John and sipping his coke anxiously, something on his mind and we both shifted in the queue for chips.

I had met him when I had just had about the first girlfriend which had black hair to a side and I think I had just dated her because the word lesbian would be only applied to er on the only women I knew. Jamie had invited her and we ended up talking as she closed her eyes and muttering the ice clinging against the walls of the glass about her girlfriend. It had been exciting to touch and I guess it had been in the end all about just having a girl rather than anything else.

So we just stood in the queue, Jack biting the straw, hands in pockets, glasses on him and I was infront with Jamie speaking something into his mobile, biting his lip to blood and I had turned around and started talking to Jack about what would he have, it had been a bit too normal to talk to him even if at that point it had been just gibberish about ketchup versus mayo and that I was a vegan so he had to expect me just to eat the chips and he got himself a beef burger. In the end I would quickly steal a bite when we started dating but that was later when I would have his glasses on and he had a few rings scattered on his fingers and looking further to something else.

The girl had asked me about how had it been to meet Jack White and I just shugged as she stood in an apron and a stripy dress, Jamie sitting on the sofa rereading Kerouac and sometimes quoting aloud and we would all just nod and maybe clap our hands, laugh and go back to try and mix the mojito the girl was doing. By the end of our dating I was the one who ended up dying her hair blonde, leaning her hair back and seeing that her black roots wouldn’t fade and I keep seeing that even if I meet her now her roots would still be a bit darker but instead she goes maroon now with another girl with blonde hair and big teeth.

I met Jack after I had finished with the girl with him poking the ad for some new recipe in Friday’s and we both took nachos.

“Jamie said you were a lesbian.” I was expecting a smirk but instead he ordered and I just watched my fingers pointing exactly at the food I wanted to see in my mouth soon as we both took nachos, we ate the nachos in silence and I recall him wearing a red shirt with jeans, legs crossed and he always looked ahead besides when he looked at me and smiled.

“Yeah.” I said as if just a minute had passed and I brushed my hair with my fingers hastly, quickly managing to try and bite half a finger as well. “Just broke up.”

“Oh.” Jack said quickly lifting himself up and waving to some redheaded woman and fell down again, sighting, exhausted and putting his arms around his eyes as if he were expecting to fall asleep and that his chair would turn into a bed, it didn’t.

“Last nacho?” White asked still looking at the woman, I expected it to be a former lover because everyone is. Jack looked at me and my shifting and forced laughter at some ballon going up and popping.

“S’fine. I’d fuck Jamie.” He ate the last nacho and I just smiled, looking down, wondering if I had ordered the right thing. I poked the table with the fork, feeling uneasy from people trying to find an excuse to say to my sexuality.

“Sorry.” He coughed, gulping down the coke and it felt like an old high school date, only I’d give him a bowtie, for a brief second I felt disgust but I gulped it down, looking at him sigh and the abyss of silence between us between the wonder where all the food had gone.

I had ended up meeting Jamie and eaten an apple on the couch, most likely my food had arrived then as I left before the main course.


I've written it back a few months ago all together, so yeah:D I hope you're enjoying it so far and I love the story well, yeah, as it takes a different turn from what I was writing usually, now everything is a pussy fest XD

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There Is Something About Jack White 4

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