Sunday, 11 November 2012


I end up getting beer as it tastes odd, I take off my hat for a second and I light a cigarette, waiting for Alison to stumble, instead she gets an empty table and starts smoking smoke rings. I wonder when does Jack come in and sweap her and how will the kiss last on her lips, if it will slip away.

In the end I see Alison picking up her mobile and dialing something, talking, laughing, eyes closed, no difference sober or drunk.

The beer tastes odd and I just felt like taking some in a cheap bar she had chosen and something which didn’t require us to count money in our head but instead point at all the drinks and get cheap combinations.

I guess that’s how beer should taste.

I can’t stop staring at her.

I think she notices me but I just drink the beer, so I should get going, but I don’t know what would happen, so I light another cigarette and Jack ends up showing up.

He pats my shoulder.

“Oi, why you leaving Alison alone?” He’s like a little devil, as if the elections are now upon us and he tilts my shoulder and yanks me with him pulling me towards him and Alison.

I end up sipping my beer, not even saying hello.

“Oh, I was trying to reach you.” Alison giggles and kisses me on the cheek, harder and she looks drunk while Jack seems sober and quite stiff before he feels more comfortable and relaxes into the sofa.

The question doesn’t rise why am I here, Jack in the end leaves us for the bathroom and Alison lies on the table and I shift my hand digging into her hair.

“How much did you drink?” I ask her swiftly, pulling her up to see her arrows smudged and she just grins, eyes closed, maybe in some drunken slumber when you’re still real.

“Eeenough.” She grins.

Jack comes back.

I should get them both back. I could carry her, it’s a weird emotion to just grab and swing through with the baby in your arms, we give children the innonce we lack, but the child is the son of a man, a quote I won’t recall who shall it be from.

In the end both me and Jack part in silence before the hotel.

Jack knows I’m jealous but pulls me out of the room and I stand there, hoping to get back to London.

The door is shut anyway, as much as I am open to Alison, so is she.


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