Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Blunderbuss Angel said The Union is Forever 4

The first time I’ve tried a dress the zipper was a bit too loose, making me wonder if the woman who had left it might’ve been pregnant as I wandered into the closet, closing myself inside to feel as if the dress had licked everything inside.

I slid in the dress, taking off all my clothes, feel uneasy with my body for a mere second and I walked out, opening the window, leaning out to smoke a cigarette and look at how hairy my legs seemed to be today and I wished I had lipstick but piercing my lips to make them bloody so that I would be a bleeding woman
from a distance didn’t matter.

I ended up having an erection, aroused as the alarm clock seemed to lull on the table as I glared at it, it’s arousing being yourself, not in the sexual way but in the soothing way.

I watched the man walk out from his office, waving his hands around, a cigarette dangling from his lips like a bad escape method and I watched him for a while, in the end raiding my bags for a camera and I had caught him on a slide

as he looked upon the castle which his building was shielding and then the majesty was resurrected.