Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Broken Black Varnish Requiem 3

The sky highlights itself during the rain in order not to get lost and I keep shifting from tea and the cigarette in hand as Alex tries to find the cookies and I look out on the street with no one besides a car.

In the end he joins me and wraps me up in the cover pink poncho we’ve bought long ago when we moved in and pretended to be a dinosaur under it with no head sticking out as if we’d be younger.

“Going through depression like the rest?” Alex smirks and drinks a bit of tea and gives me half a cookie, putting his arm around my shoulder. I hesitate and loosen up.

I sigh.

“Everyone starts being lonely and gloomy, as if there is nothing and you actually figure what if drugs are the only source of happiness for them.” I smirk. “Maybe we should legalize to avoid depression.”

Mindless chatter as I see Jack park the car and tilt his hat as he goes under the rain, opens the umbrella and goes to the trunk of his car, letting his feet into the puddles as he is going to be warm and in the arms of a woman soon and I wonder how many children does he own and how his wife looks as he looks to be a father of many. I look at the bags from toy stores and how he holds something in his mouth.

Jack looks at both of us, spits out, what I believe to be a receipt, nods with his hat falling lightly over his eyes, smirking at the gesture and soon enough he is in leaving the car like a shiny wrapper on the street.

It feels like we’ll never see him again but he goes back on with straps and a light cigarette nearly done and she grins at him, welcoming. The wife, the girlfriend and she kisses him as he quickly glances at me and heads into his own warmth to enjoy and drink.


I have too much dark thoughts in my head xD

I hope you enjoyed it :3

Thank you


Broken  Black Varnish Requiem 4

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