Sunday, 23 September 2012

Stale Smoke In A Running Circle6

I wake up, both of us on fabric made to be furniture, old and torn and I hear voices which have to be feet which go further into the kitchen and I smile, knowing that it’s Jamie not giving evidence to the second.

I hear a click of a different lighter, maybe Jamie had gotten a new one.

Then they exchange it.

I open my eyes to see Alex dangling and nearly falling off the armchair to see the light of morning and I see both Jamie and the shorter man with absurd dyed blonde hair in black loosen boxers, socks and Jamie actually naked and shivering.

The blonde man laughs at him and then Jamie notices me and the man turns around to smile at me, his crooked teeth showing in curiosity as I notice his wonky eye. He is quite skinny and loose, he inhales the cigarette and walks further into the kitchen, opening the fridge, taking bread out and using the toaster.

Jamie stands there stark naked as Alex makes a move and I see he closes his eyes not to shield himself from Jamie being naked but rather from the scene.

I don’t say anything.

The man doesn’t say anything.

And Alex pretends he is dead.

“I don’t like straight people. Too stuck up.” The blonde starts making himself tea and we all watch him with a leftover bit of his morning erection which he might’ve used and is fading off and we slowly all watch him sip his tea.

“I fucked a man.” Jamie swallows.

“Wrong.” The blonde little man smirks. “I fucked you.”

And then I’d expect Jamie to collapse but instead he puts his hand in front of his cock and the blonde man turns to see him and smiles softly as Jamie is still shivering from inner cold and I see the man just finnish his tea as if he were from Twin Peaks and holds some cold inner self.

He pats Jamie’s shoulder which is taller than he is.

Eventually the blonde heads into the room and manages to find his clothes, puts on a shirt and feels a bit unwanted shuffling between cupboards as he is the leading role right now and we don’t know what to do with him.

Eventually Alex wakes from his slumber and makes his way to the man as they exchange names, Alex and Thom and smile both.

“I’m not gay, but I mean, yeah.” And the man just smiles.

Jamie makes himself some tea as now I am the one on the couch, having Jamie’s shivers and I can’t help but want to glance at Jamie’s ass and see what had happened to it something like blood on a last night virgin’s covers.

In the end Alex and Thom communicate as Jamie sits besides me.

“I’m gay.” He shrugs and I just put my arm around him.

“Doesn’t have to be.” Thom says, struggling. “Yeah, you could be going through a phase.”

Exchanged Thom and Alex laugh. Alex on the anxious side, Thom on the drunken as if they would start dancing and exchanging music vinyls on the side when me and Jamie would close our eyes.

I can’t think properly and neither can Jamie and I just keep glancing at his ass which is hidden away from me.

We all share a cigarette box until it runs out and Tesco seems like another planet and Jamie is as naked as ever as Thom starts dancing to something on television.

Once it were just us two.


I'm actually quite anxious about this chapter as it is quite a turn but I've been very exhausted and I actually managed to fall ill and have a ton of homework and etc and etc and etc

I had the idea of Thom sleeping with Jamie back in the week but I got caught up with everything so yeah, I'm here :D yay XD I hope I'm still loved as I love you :3


Stale Smoke In A Running Circle7


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