Thursday, 27 September 2012

Broken Black Varnish Requiem 4

“I was thinking.”

He grabs some print outs and I close my eyes.

“Yeah, same.” I reply, lips pressed and nearly praying to no God on earth but just to myself and his eyes.


“Not a donor?” I open my eyes exhaling, relaxed. My fear of being pregnant released as well as I do not want any hint of another man inside me.

“Fuck no!” Alex says biting his lip harshly and I kiss him. We start kissing a bit too lustfully as I take off his sweater and my tongue is too deep as I start taking off his jeans.

“I-” I start saying.

“It’s fine that it took you a year. You were on the thing with studies, chill, chill.” He soothes me, his hands strolling through my own, kisses fluttering. I hesitate and stare at the ceiling which ends up being his own eyes.

“Yeah. That’s good, great.” I mean it, trembling.

Alex is nearly crying.

In the end we both end up howling with tears and make more love in the end.

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