Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Blunderbuss Angel said The Union is Forever 3

I look up from my glass to see Jamie laughing and pointing at something and more glitter falls and I see it different from the pink walls with women and Jamie starts blowing bubbles into his beer as the women leave and it’s just us because everything is bought for the night and we collapse onto the bed, not touching anyone or everyone, ourselves

Jamie tells me he’s married tomorrow, so we don’t do anything.

We walk out into Sainsbury’s in the morning as it opens myself in an old Led Zeppelin t-shirt and Jamie in a jacket zipped up to hide his torso and we choose ice cream, still managing to get a queue for the self check out and we eat the ice cream on the way back, stumbling across the bars we’ve been and regions then I start running towards Lothian road for the fuck of it, laughing, all bars closed and the stores peeking their eyelashes out and the buses strolling, a sunday is a sunday with a few and I run to the road and I stop on it, feeling the light on and I tip the ice cream onto my tongue and I stay there as two cars rush past me

and Jamie is on the other side of the road, his socks pink and pink.

I eventually cross to him when all cars stop and we stumble higher onto the end of the street, walking across the town with nothing and no even with ice cream in our hands anymore and we walk back home which is for the next hours as I get Jamie ready and I kiss him sadly and softly as he waves his arms around and we stop

We’re not home anymore

We’re lost

Among time and streets

On Lothian road with the bars, shops and people and tents on roofs and the road to the centre of

something older than us so we hold


a home

I kiss him again


Homesick :) so yeah xD

Feel free to request:3


The Blunderbuss Angel said The Union is Forever 4


  1. This is wonderful. Please continue xx

  2. :D I will, thank youuuuu:3

    thank you so much for enjoying it, it will be written and done as soon as the rest on the list will be:) keep watching the list on the right:D

    thank you:)