Sunday, 8 July 2012


I pay to get a mars bar from sitting alone and it’s been quite a few hours and I’ve even managed to sneak into the toilet and sit there for an hour, people most likely thinking I’ve been wanking or had fucking diarrhea and I just sat there staring at my reflection and flicking my mobile on and off waiting for nothing and when you expect nothing you do get nothing.

So I just head back onto my seat and press my head against the window everything will pass, I’m not even crying anymore and I walk across the wagon to get more chocolate and I wonder if we’ll have enough bus stops for a cigarette and I wait.

When I was a kid I would run around the wagons and then head back and sit there getting excited for London, maybe then I had knew I was gay with a little red hoodie on with mum patting my head, getting me a Cadbury cone and I wonder how much London will be like and how much more stuffed the tube will be and how proud will London be for a while until I leave and board the train to Heathrow and then to the US.

I look around, sitting up and well, my mind is way too blank and I think the joint I quickly did makes sense or maybe I didn’t on the stop we had to do due to the change in rails or whatever the fuck that was.

I leaned out of a window and smoked when the wagon was sleeping and I waved to an English farmer who thought I was an insane smoker and I threw my joint out to the cows and I looked forward to the US for a bit, knowing that I would be no one, I had no one and your past lies within your love really.


I had watched Weekend a few weeks or so ago and well, I'd say it's one of my favourite movies and the depth and well, really if you haven't watched it you should, this will take events after the ending obviously from Glen's point of view so far:3 

I hope you enjoyed it and please do feel free to request