Sunday, 22 July 2012

Candy Cane5

The coffee wasn’t strong enough like Jamie’s face and his cigarette dangling off his lips and I see how he ages all of a sudden so I blow harder on our coffees and we smile, the lights falling all around us and soon enough I leave the cafe, seeing Jamie lean back, close his eyes, ignore Kate and listen to The Beatles singing all over the small walls the cafe just because it had been an odd choice of walking around and getting fabric wristbands for our drinks of choice and leaving them there.

In the night I dreamt of myself pouring ice on them and dipping my face in the ice to collapse backwards, my neck and back breaking and Daniel stroking my face softly and explaining what else there is to tell.

I sat up and Daniel walked to me to the kitchen and I tipped the water bottle on the floor and I wondered if I could count any ice cubes on it and I didn’t, we both smoked a cigarette as I told him how I thought that I believe we die alone in the end, closing my eyes as I felt him tracing my eyelashes deeply that it stung, I shivered and he stopped and I saw him kissing my face softly and I told him.

What if you could connect the thoughts, because you can’t and we have birth alone.

That’s when Daniel said that we need to find the beloved.

I told him what about death.

We don’t know about death, because we haven’t died yet, what if we do die together, what if you die alone but death is spent together, what if the spirit walks around the dead or the opposite, he yawned, his sense was a half bottle and he yawned again, pressing his head against the table and I kept stroking his hair and his ears.

“You would look good blonde.” He mumbled and kissed my fingers.

“Maybe.” I said and I quickly headed for a dye with Daniel swirling opposite in the chair before we packed our bags and left for Latin America, hearing the children complain about the movies in flight and fighting over the best same pillow and trading nothing and thoughts, stumbling upon bars and then eating drunk, spilling drinks over eachother and I could finally see myself within Daniel’s thoughts today, bright, smiling with the cigarette, laughing out loud, maybe I were death, maybe we both were and we stumbled, legs wobbling and I thought of Jamie again.

He felt old.

I didn’t.

I looked at Daniel.

“You have some gray hair.” I nudged him, accidentally hitting his arm with my hand, my laughter gave me away.

I want to see him age.


Everything is a flash and you wait for the blue polaroid.

“Let’s get married.”


Thank you, last chapter:3


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