Saturday, 7 July 2012

What Difference Does It Make8

I press my head against the covers, chin down, leaking down into the white sheets and I exhale the smoke from the cigarette which is in my mouth, making the smoke go up like snow and then I see it fall into the ceiling, hit it and dissolve and I think of Alison too much as Paul woke up, tired from waiting for me and I look at my drawers counting them up and down, pressing the cigarette into the covers, as I stand up and I take duct tape from the floor and I rip it with my teeth and I start taping Paul’s door.

“Remember our trip to Rio?” I ask him.

“Meah.” Paul says as he spits out toothpaste and I light another cigarette to throw it on the bed as I watch the bed catch fire.

I press myself harder against the door.

“Paul.” I say nothing and he turns on the tap more and we both stop.

I recall how we couldn’t get to Christ to see him for two days straight and we got charged extra for being foreign and how you can barely take anything with you and how poverty leaks out and stops at the cars and the chains which managed to crawl in the city stay in the dim lights and I light a cigarette for myself as the fire catches everything and I close my eyes, letting the fire lick my neck and I feel my entire body burn.

I think Paul knows where to sneak out and he does after he cannot open the door and fears for his dear life.

I exhale and I smoke more until my hands are numb and my eyes don’t see but I am there with black wings among the fire and she sits there smoking besides me now and she catches more fire, exhaling and blowing into me.

“Paul, do you remember Rio? That’s when I threw water on you and we agreed Ipanema at night was nice and nothing else. Too much poverty and sometimes a perfect distopia is not to bad when it’s behind you with the stars above and then you know it’s not.”


Well, that's it.

Uh, I guess whoever wants an explication I'm here to explain xD but yeah:3

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and yeah, I hope it doesn't seem too rushed and I didn't feel when it was going to end so yeah:3 and yeah xD

I'm in Rio and yeah it's odd and yeah xD Ipanema is nice though:3 what pisses me off is that you shouldn't carry stuff around and yeah XD

thank you:3


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