Sunday, 5 August 2012


My parents would measure how much I’ve grown and I would try to look up, guessing how much I’ve grown and I pressed myself harshly against the wall then and even now I press myself harshly against a wall with a more fancy wallpaper which leans marks on my back and my breathing is heavier as I lean back, still hearing nothing and then I press my ear and I am breathing too heavy to hear whatever they are doing as I’ve seen them walk in and after a while I hear a shower turn on and a television set and after a while the TV is off and the other could’ve joined in a bath and I hear very hard laughter and someone drops someone and I wonder if I can run in and see Jack dead or unconscious and I wrap Alison around my arms, my jacket loosen and she would cry as we would run.

Nothing happens in the end and I exit a while after they do, take the elevator they take as it goes up and I see Jack flick through his mobile, not looking at the man in the fancy hat and blue glasses which would be me.

He raises his eyes looks briefly and walks past.

“Hi, Jamie.” He says.

I stop.

“Yeah, just calling you to say that Alison said...” And then he closes the door behind him and I sigh exhausted and knowing that I had left voice mail on and I go further down and I walk around, trying to see Alison in any way where revealing my cover won’t be anything shameful, she mentioned, while chewing on a straw that she might share a hotel room with Jack and I just covered my mouth, wondering if my mouth could lie.

I walk on, out onto the street, stretching my arms out and I feel an arm around me, briefly, it’s just a touch, but it feels like a hug.

“Where’s the nearest good bar?” Alison smirks, a bit tipsy, asking me and in very slow English, putting on a long fake American accent, like those which they give on television and my lip trembles. I shake my head, trying to show that either I don’t know, don’t care, not local or do not understand english.

It’s too dark I hope.

I want to say something but I don’t, instead I point and she goes there, giggling without Jack and I wander off into the other direction before turning on my heel, trying not to notice if Jack would go after or not.


Sorry for the really long wait but I guess this ended up better than I expected and even some ideas in my head, I mean who doesn't love a Jamie/Alison?:D (Despite the fact that I've been declaring after seeing Jack live that no one is and never will be as gorgeous xD) I've been busy writing There Is Something About Jack White which I've finished and working slowly on my novel, yay :D xD

Basically things should be a bit, a bit faster now hopefully so yeah, keep requesting:) and if it's written it'll pop earlier so yeah:D

thank you:)




  1. Please continue :)

  2. Will do:D Ah, some many requests x3 thank you and please keep checking the list :D

    thank youuu