Saturday, 18 August 2012

Ticket Man

My hands feel heavy as if they could detach and I quickly see myself putting a finger to my eyebrow and fixing the pencil I had applied and I hand him a bottle of milk because I cannot hold and I know that he had ordered coke and strolled in because it is the start of the day and we open at five as if we are fairytale and I bow lightly seeing Jamie raise my leg and fuck me hard with a drunken breath both of us in the gents because that’s what we are given and the hormones slipping down.

I watch him look at me with drunken eyes and he breaks the bottle just as I had served him milk instead of coke.


I was listening to Ticket Man by The Kills and yeah:) It had been a think of the unique request as I was thinking and initially I had a milk man and then it also reversed points of views and the fact that I decided that I wanted a male fan and I love how short it is and yeah, thank you:)


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