Friday, 10 August 2012

Used Lighter5

I wake up cold in my dream, when your city is actually amixture of everything you’ve seen in your life with television and even if you’ve never watched it and never travelled you’ll get a mash up of the streets and

I remember I was a kid and it was cold and I had bed covers and they didn’t cover my shoulders and they were cold

“When I was a kid.” And Alexander appears with a bat grinning, a tooth missing as I see someone grab him from behind and disappear as he wings the baseball bat with all his might at my face and blood flows in the sewars of my mouth as I can still see my eye but I see and I feel the blood flowing as its tails dip into my nose and then I get my own bat given to me from the same man and I kick him and snap the bat in half by a hitting his ribs and he laughs as I stare at his teeth and he looks up at me, laughing and then hitting me in the balls full force.

I wake up with a teeth ache and I come too see in the mirror as I see Alexander now wondering like a ghost in the apartment, even brushing his teeth as well and he sits on the sink, exposing his crotch still covered in fabric and by spreading out his legs.

I swallow and spit out the tooth paste and Alison stands near me as I look at Alexander who glances at Alison and I touch her back lightly, sliding in and fingering her from behind, her backdoor staring at Alexander in the eye.

“Go on, touch her, bitch.” He smirks and takes out his cock.

And I bite Alison’s shoulder, I close her ears, thsi might be a dream, she looks like a doll again even if I see her in the mirror with myself now shaving and trying to stare at my pubic hair, I’m too balls literate today.

So I bend Alison over, the doll now with woll blonde hair and I spread out her butt cheeks, her ass is fine and I go in, gasping at how good it feels and Alexander grabs my chin.

I swallow.

“Go on, I’ve tasted Alison.” And I kiss Alison in the mirror and in the dream, reality and vice versa. “I taste like Alison. I am Alison.”

And Alexander laughs as he comes on his hand and the goo slips down on the floor and in reality its just water from Alison’s hand.

He comes on the doll and throws her out, my come coming out like a string and I take out my tongue.

I’m alive and the mirror moves as I tilt my head sideways to glance and consume and stare and product.

“Every.” He points his finger at every word and shakes it from side to side. “Has homosexuality.” And he laughs hard and rough as if he’d be penetrating me for the first time in a long while in a cold bath, immersing my head in the water with little polar pears the size of bugs and cubes swimming.

“Fuck global warming, eh, Jamie?” And he slaps my butt and pushes my head back in, as if it were a blowjob and not my death.


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  1. Oh this is so great. So dark and tense and you can imagine the atmosphere being all Black Balloon. And I like the idea of a vintage shop, a bit gloomy, with old, romantic stuff. So fitting.
    Except Alex confuses me, not knowing if he is really there or not, but than that is probably what confuses Jamie too :P More please.

  2. Yeah Alexander is highly confusing, I'll try to keep silent and I actually wrote the next chapter yesterday and it's fairly creepy in my point of view XD

    There will be a continue indeed:D The next chapter will be posted after the other requests:) please keep checking the list and thank you:D :D :D