Saturday, 6 August 2011

because you’re worthless fuck yes, you are

What if I were dead
And you were merely a fragment of imagination
From all the leaked out juices as some sort of suicide was committed upon a rope
With soap
Because that’s how it’s told
That’s how the words flow to hold
Something which is now gone
Something which is bleak because you don’t believe in it
Because you’re honest about it
Because you care about it
Because you’ve died once
Because the blacony was luring
Because the bathtub was hot
Because sexuality was a factor
Because you weren’t honest about it
Until you held it
Close to swallow
And see the sky
Which could’ve been above
It’s the world you’ve eaten
It’s the world you’ve lost
It’s the world you’ve lived
Somewhere else
Because you’re
More than worthless
With the juice a tomato soup


I am currently and fully back from the Writing Course. Exhausted, yet very very happy about it, was great.

It was written on the night before it started. It's my favourite poem to read aloud, yes, I enjoy just reading out my stuff, just do, even if the first time I did it, I was shaking and it had been impossible to understand me.

Give me some time and everything shall be back on it's daily track. A few days of sleep is good.

Yes, I have somethings to share.

Hope everyone had a great summer or still will.


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