Wednesday, 28 December 2011

We've all danced with death

Grab a train
Just any train
No, not those which lead to the end
But those which stay in the middle
Which feel as if you’re in an endless circle
As the lights are dim
And the soviet stations barely have any lights
Look at the people
Look at the faces

And feel
Not just the pain
But the desperation of the lack of dreams
Of unity of the souls
And you’ll wonder what are you doing there
As you’ll hear the train
And the stops won’t be noticeable
As the music gets louder

Look at the faces
Their long hair
As they shall all stand in a line
Of death
Waiting for trainers to choose them
Flick their wrists against the walls
As the lights will go off and linger closer
Tearing the soul apart
As the eyes shall remain sitting there right in front of you
Their corpses are chosen
All besides several which just sit waiting
Hunger and lust printed on the faces
They have nothing to say
But they believe in the love you have
In the mobile you hold

And you’ll ease knowing that you know the station
Where you just flee
And the light will be brighter
The skirts shorter
And the eyes will be shielded by the light
You’ve adjusted
But even if you change

You’ll see the trainers, the eyes, the dyed mops
The fingers will trail back and forth upon your body
You’ll forget the homophobia
As you shall become a man and a woman
As a crowd of feathers will fall upon you
The body of yours will be cut open
Turn on the music louder

Ligeti an anthem
It’s a requiem
It’s death
It’s behind you
You pull the hood
To kiss the hole
In the face

Open the eyes

You’re back

You’re in a wagon


Ease your pain
Hold your wounds
They shall bleed again
As the wagon just shakes and all the figures
Their skin turns into dresses
They dance around
And fall at your feet




You’ve heard that note before
The person holds
As a gun is withdrawn and pulled upon your temple
It’s a dystopia
You’re the figure, the statue which holds a hero
As the eyes go black
And breakfast seems far away
As you gazed out of the window to see
What was life, what you thought was life
With a golfer flung a golf club at your window
You’ve licked the shards
They’ve cut your tongue.

And you’ve screamed
Seeing that you’re blood is blue
As if you’re frozen
And in a fridge

It’s not just a nightmare
It’s the journey of death
As they bury you deep
All the people you’ve known
A kiss of the beloved as a last

And you’re flung in the coffin


Watch death go on top of you
Strip you’re clothes down

A knife inside you
A knife as big as your sin
Of choosing death instead of life
You’re desire to never struggle again

Well, pay


Wagon, wagon, wagon

It’s a dance


Lay down



Sing sing sing sing sing sing sing sing sing

Let the floor fall backwards
Feel scared
Let the beloved kiss
As you shall become a woman and a man

Let death soothe the hands you’ve touched life with
Let death soothe the voice you’ve spoken with
So let death kiss you, love

Lock fingers, hands and body as death steals your life
Your virginity
It’s gonna ache

It’s going to rip you from inside, the knife, your sin

You’ve drank tea

Death gave you tea from a thermos, to wake you up
So that your eyes would see the horror
Death had seen

Soothe, death
Hold death in your arms
The hood now back and now it’s hair
As it thrusts inside

Kiss death gently, with your lips, with all your might
You’d try to break the coffin which shall be death
But all shall flow and shatter as death’s hands would be a cross
For you to hang upon the neck
As the waltz shall be death pulling you by the cross

A sphere
You’re body shall make a sphere
To make death protect it’s fragile self

Look, you scared death,

Death closed it’s thirty eyes
With your fingers
And sucked them gently
As if they were a candy cane of Christmas

Death shall laugh upon you
Death shall watch you as you lay
As your fingers trail it’s jaw line upon which people have cut their shards of skin

You look down
All your skin formed into needles
It’s sharp and it glues onto death’s robe
Slowly building a puzzle of yourself
As your knee is now missing

And death slaps that knee

We’ve met before, you’d say at the wedding
With the pope and funeral
And you’ll kiss the bible for luck
Knowing that the bride behind the door
Which you call, screaming to come
Is death

So you close the door shut
Knowing that your wife shall fling her maternal pain upon you
You shall be the one with the child
As death is to fragile to hold a mortal

Death is so fragile
But then what shall kill death then?

You ask death that in a dance and death just nods
As death takes you
Your clothes in the coffin
The skin, the clothes are needles

As the wagon goes further and death laughs
The laugh sweet as if it was yours at fourty six

Death takes the needle of your lips
And death would dance, slowly, your needles her hands
Death would stick them further
As your ribs would be death’s
And death would become yourself


It all started off with the fact that I woke up in the night or I had been awake and I heard music from the street, horrible music which sounded like death (which inspired Musica) and while I had been writing 13 is an Utopia I had wanted to write something under the music I had heard and I went deeper trying to find something which resembled and I stumbled onto Ligeti's Requiem.

Now, it is a beautiful piece which you can find and hear now on the blog, as I hope my writing can match it's shattering beauty someday. This poem was written under the requiem as well.


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