Monday, 26 December 2011

Pearl Gathering

You get the ability to drift through rooms endless, peeking into the opened up soul to see how the person was.

I felt like the cleaner who takes the corpus as if to see if there is any trail left behind the works of death, nobody ever noticed but if death arrives at a house another happens as close following by a pattern as I glance into the other following chaotic patterns around the city, never stopping, never finding a trace of evidence that something inhuman surrounded the scene of the last grasp to have spit being thrown in the air but never hitting the floor but being grasped as another bead of pearls around the taker’s neck, like a sign of boasting to see how many were freed.

More and more, blue, green, blue, purple it was hideous how people admired colours drenching their lives in one after death, like a message left to picked up.

You can grab just one thing, though.

So with the hands shifted into the front pockets, the eyes searched for something to catch the eye. Nothing ever did, all which was found were photos of people’s faces corrupted by grief as their spirit yelled in the distance for an impossible return of the pearls.

I stopped on the pearl necklace, the beads waiting to be scattered.

I looked around for no hood to be seen.

I did something I never did, feeling a doubt in the back of the throat were the pearl was. It was screaming and denying them. I took them feeling a rush of adrenaline rising in my fingers, urging me to drop it.

But I didn’t, feeling the sweet stares of jealousy to my direction.

“Nobody let you grab anything.” Before I could protest I saw something I have only been giving the glimpse of. It followed the procedure I was told, both resembling bony hands trailing the neck before swallowing themselves into my mouth to grasp a bleak object to join the ones hidden in my palm, but scattering onto the floor due to my constant nagging.  


And here is, I guess one of my favorite works, if I can call that and I guess Jaidem shall be my favorite creation with his concept.

This is the prologue of Ladder To The Red Moon Gathering, which consists of many parts from different points of view and one-shots related to the story.

I hope you will enjoy it and it is a part of the Papercut universe or rather Papercut is a universe of this. It was written after Papercut and I needed a third female character and one from Papercut was taken and soon the story began forming.

My nano novel finishes the final gaps of the story, making the conclusion of this novel a second plot in the nano novel.

Basically if to look at my works carefully they always touch the subject and thoughts on the concept of Ladder To The Red Moon Gathering. The structure and how it's written is interesting and is a mixture of Papercut and the piano three shot.

Pear Gathering like another part of the story came to me in a dream as I slept in the afternoon and the idea was slightly inspired by Depeche Mode's Home video.

I'll try to shut up and please do enjoy it as much as I do and love it.

Degrading Haystack With Red Moons Printed Across Part 1


  1. I'm not sure what to make of this..What exactly is going on? Is there a reason it is so..mismatched?

  2. Sorry it's s'posed to be:) It's the prologue everything will be explained later on:)

  3. I look forward to seeing it completed then. Good Luck.

  4. Thank you!:) The third chapter should be up today tomorrow:)

    Did you read the second one which is Degrading Haystack With Red Moons Printed Across Part 1?:)

  5. No, I did not. I'm a fantasy writer/reader. More for the medival times. This page just happened across my path and I felt the need to comment about it. It was mostly the music, to be honest.

  6. Oh:) Do you have a blog or anywhere I can read your work?

    Basically the chapters are named differently and there is a link at the end of every chapter, so the story goes on in Haystack With Red Moons Printed Across Part 1 really.

    The music is great indeed, I love Ligeti's work and his Requiem is breathtaking.

    Thank you!

  7. I think it's very good. Sorry I've taken so long to read it. You really can write!

  8. Aw, thank you so much and take your time really :)