Saturday, 17 December 2011


I followed him, because isn’t that what the female is supposed to do? Follow the male’s lead and shut up? Mason glanced at me and slowed down, opening his mouth several times in order to say something but nothing would come out and he’d curse at himself because of that. I realized where we were going as he took my hand and I could hear my drama teacher’s bald voice replacing or rather placing a new echo not in only against the walls but in my head as Mason took my hand, quickly glancing at me with a light embarrassed glance.

“I never age.” He chuckled, as I thought about his childlike nature, then. “Never ever.” Sad smile watering the tired, drifting with thoughts face as he pushed the door leading to a sandy snow storm as the drama teacher ignored us acting Hamlet to himself. Pretending it like it was a lollypop to the others while it a microphone clenched in his big hands which usually held scripts or pencil to poke people’s eyes out if they knew nothing too much to act, to act, to act, to act. Because life is a scene, a movie as you wait for your Romeo to poison himself so that you’d easily shoot yourself to fall on his body the blood flowing out with the feelings so that he’d be drenched in them, so that he’d wake up with its disease in the afterlife, as we’d believe in something eternal which we mistake to be love.

It felt different to feel snow hit my face in my soothing away as he inhaled, stretching himself, as if something shone in him. A new and fresh smile now intruded his usual tired and thoughtful expression. Mason jumped on the spot for a while as the snow seemed to go on faster and faster nearly forming a whirlwind for a second, that I expect him to lure me closer t him so that he could grab hold of me capturing my dark green with teal, but nothing happened it rose and died as I thought his hair was now a bad dyed red but just for a second. I brushed off the thought as we headed past the cartoon looking woods further into the town.

“Do you feel like Christmas, Bo?” He grinned at me as I felt his hand go warmer and I just felt colder despite the fact that the wind was long gone. The lights seemed to lack the feeling of easiness they held and how they lured me and a distant sharp trace now held in Mason’s eyes. I hardened the grip on the red head’s fingers as my other arm hugged my body in a failing attempt to warm myself.

I didn’t feel like Christmas at all.

He went through the exit door with me, his fingers warming, the snow raising and failing with his mood changes. His fingers trailed circles onto my palm leaving a circulating print that iced my blood as if he was a walking icicle when he wasn’t.

“You s-said-“

The words were stuck on my throat as well as the snowflakes which never melted forming a snowman out of me, unlike Mason who was barely covered. He shook off the snowflakes off my hair, watching me closely. He raised his fingers and I felt a stone up in my throat. His teal eyes focused on the nude pink steak in my hair. He twirled it for a while, pulling my hat further onto my head, covering the stripe from his view. I couldn’t decide if he was embarrassed or proud that he caught a glimpse of a secret I held.

“Do you want the crowd to go away? Away? Forever and ever?” He whispered, taking my face in my palms, leaning closer to my shaking state. I couldn’t help but stare and wonder how come my mind was as creative when I usually lacked the creativity and I could only play by the guidelines pushing no further, but then it was the feelings I lacked but needed to feel that I showed.

The crowd was gone.

“Do you want the snow to stop?” Was this a trick as the words were stuck in my mouth?

He took them away with his tongue.

“Y-you kissed me.” He nodded and took the rest, incase I’d raise them.


And that's it for Exit.

New novel up next week.

Thank you hope you enjoyed it. Mason and Roberta are a strong couple in my heart.

The initial ending in mind was Roberta meeting Mason's ex, finding out he is dead and having a struggle between Leslie and Mason.

Then as I was posting I had the idea of Mason dying in the Exit, as they all vanish, leaving Roberta behind the door.

But I guess I wanted a happy ending for them, after all.

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