Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Exit. Chapter 21


I’d wake up to see him there, curled besides me his eyes always opened. Marcie never said a word, never greeted him and neither did Mason. I wondered as I’d see Marcie look past him one point I swore I could see her hand going past the dyed red head and he looked at me horrified as if I’d seen it then he’d just sit down on the floor, looking up, but avoiding my gaze. He’d follow me around sometimes never saying anything but then I never asked him to say anything as his hand would feel lighter.

I never asked him anything because I knew he’d follow me, helping me cheat on tests as something heavy hung in the air reminding of some upcoming storm which seemed nowhere to be seen but just felt like Mason.

He fell asleep once just once his eyelids pressed shut, his body forming a ball, hands under chin, rather one and the other stretched out lazily or rather in fear as if it may make contact with me. I glanced at Marcie who slept peacefully, her lips mouthing a guy’s name and other things she’d call him or she’d get called.

“Mason?” I whispered wondering if he slept or was it a trick. He stirred lightly his fingers stretching touching my neck before pulling away.

“Mnn.” He opened one teal eye soon to shut it again, giving a nearly unnoticeable nod, as he gave out a yawn trying to force himself into a half sitting position but his body refused.

“What’s your room number?” I asked it all of a sudden and his eyes flustered open, as he sat up with his bed hair. I sprung up myself as I waited for his answer it didn’t take long but I had to repeat it several times in my head in order to remember it. 207. It seemed to be craved it my head as he pulled me down reminding how important sleep was. He never touched me while he lay beside me but he just watched me, feeling oddness himself. Mason would ask if I preferred him to sleep on the floor, I’d shake my head, pulling him by the sleeve as I’d feel drowsiness take over me.

He was gone one morning. It felt as if the daily things were gone as I’d desire them to come back and annoy me even if they never did. That was the thing how everything went music changed, life changed and so would the weather if to add something banal.

I found him room number to see a tall curly haired guy look at me amused for a while. He invited me in, but I declined. My urge to mute him down was impossible but I held myself.

“Is your roommate Mason?” I did not know Mason’s last name and what if it was a nickname? The curly haired just shook his head but tried his luck again. He said that further down the hall Mason Jones lived that I must’ve gotten the number wrong. I thanked him and declined once more.

Sometimes it really is soothing to walk the empty male corridors because guys are busy or occupied in the girl’s floor. I inhaled the scent but it reminded me nothing of Mason’s as he’d sometimes lay too close to me that I could feel him brushing myself through the distance contaminated by the air. I never dared to touch him then as we’d both nearly jump of the contact as he’d feel going lighter and so did I. After days he’d turn sleepier and fall into a daze quicker than I would then through my closed eyelids I’d see him sleep. There was no comical ‘close the window’ or ‘I need more blanket’.

“Um, hi. Is Mason here?” I asked a guy my height not so appealing, as he scratched his head in confusion, bursting out into a roll of laughter clutching his stomach. As he laughed he exposed his teeth and held his mouth in a rather disturbing open way that I could feel myself go inside that he wouldn’t choke as if he was a vacuum cleaner waiting to suck me in so that I’d never see Mason again so that I’d have no option besides from accepting.

“I’m Mason, love.” He said as he stopped laughing, leaning his body against the frame, shaking his hair out of his eyes. I hugged myself taking a step back with a nod and a quick apologize.


He glanced at the Mason impostor and walked off into the empty corridor which seemed to echo big mouth’s irritating laughs.


Next up we'll have the last chapter of Exit. Thing with Exit was, halfway I decided to actually read the whole thing and I ended up being a reader rather than a writer for Exit, so Exit remained as I thought unfinished.

Then over the months I started scrapping off things which I kept thinking could have been a continue and well, after some consideration, the initial stop is the end of it, so the next chapter will be the end.

I have a very on and off relation with Exit, as I got scared that I couldn't finnish something I like so much, but maybe it is how it should actually end.


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