Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hello, shut up please.

The world is made for singles
You can’t kiss your lover on the street
The singles will hiss
They’ll rant that the world is against them
And for couples
But look
There’s not that many
And their squeals of desperation
In movies
Are disgusting
When I was fucking single
I hated silently
And didn’t make a show of it
So that the rest would hate me
When I’d leave the team of singles


I'm sorry but that's how it feels in the end. When you're single, you never get bugged about it, but when you're not single, you get restrictions given out by singles. Sorry, just that it's annoying. It's a single world, really. Just because people are together, it doesn't mean they have the love bond, they only have the sex bond, making them singles with the ability to fuck. Once again, I apologise highly, I'm just being honest.



  1. I don't agree with this at all. The world is made for couples; at least in America. It is considered the ideal. The American "Dream" is married with 2.1 children, a house, a dog, and two cars.

    Pick up any magazine in this country and you will see a thousand articles talking about how to find "the one", how to make it work with "the one", and how to find another one if the first one didn't work out.

    I don't think anyone should be looked down upon for their life choices whatever they are. But the reality is, if you are not married or at least in a relationship then you are considered defective, irresponsible, selfish, or all of the above.

  2. It's just that I've been looked upon for having a relation and even nagged about my behavior on numerous occasions.

    I can't find any articles on the other hand, all I see is the joy of being single really and that everyone breaks up and that you can't even hold hands. All articles just point out that you'll be miserable, nothing is lasting and that you'll get cheated upon and that you should enjoy being single.

    And the articles are not for couples, but for people who search for them, the only articles for couples would be about how to deal with cheating, divorce and other things but nothing positive, which is what a relation is.

    I am considered weird for merely spending a lot of time with my other and being asked not to kiss in public and have people just expel me from their lists for having someone else through out different periods of my life because I had made arrangements with the other.

    The canon is to indeed have this dream, but the point is, I'm just poking singles for the fact that they poke me, just because I'm not being single and that I can laugh aloud at some inside joke for instance.

    Sorry if it offended you, it's just that it's personal and I don't want people to fucking tell me what to do or nag about what I do, really.

    Once again sorry.

    Thank you for your opinion, sorry if I was harsh :)

  3. I wasn't offended but it is clear that we are looking at the world with two very different sets of lenses. Which is cool :)

    I'm sorry people have been rude to you because you are in a relationship. It may be that they are envious of what you have and are lashing out from their own insecurities.

    Sorry if my reply comes off as a little crazy. I say to each his own. Just ignore the anklebiters and enjoy love.

  4. I'm sorry as well, I guess I just write what bugs me sometimes and that was the case as I recalled different situations even when I've been asked to stop kissing as it makes everyone else feel awkward, so yeah.

    Everyone has their view and situation, really, mine came out like this, it doesn't really bug me, just kind of realized that well, it felt like the world was single, really and well, that's it, really.

    Thanks :)