Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Stage Scene

It would happen on stage
For the crowd
To capture
A defeat
A victory upon the other’s lips
In the flash
Of music
It would be a betrayal
From the devoted
With water in strings
Not to say

We had met on the date
On my wrist
A 14 of a 2
I had never seen your date
On her body
She had stashed it
Taking my shirt
Thinking that it’d be her 14
Or those who had tried to steal the 2
In the parlor
Giving tattoos to themselves,

That one kiss
You gave me
I shrugged it off
Because of age
You give none
Because of age
We lost

The microphone in blood
You had bit me


Inspired strongly by The Kill's Mosshart and Hince. I love their relation and how everything is build on the tension and all the additions to it.

By the way Moss' dress was hideous.

Inspired by The Kill's Satellite and Black Balloon.

A Window Cleaner

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