Wednesday, 3 November 2010


If you actually had the time to choose, would you, looking back choose the same thing? I asked Sidney that once, leaning down, the grass between my toes, as my Converse were thrown down the hill, the remaining sun shining into the back of my head.

I remember I leaned back, grinning madly, as I was twelve and thirteen tomorrow but I already felt like a teenager, as my blonde friend smirked all of a sudden ruffling my short hair and my sudden outburst and my black eye as a proof of denial.

Or was it simply because I had managed to accept myself finally?


Hey, I am doing nanowrimo this year and this is not a fragment of the story, but a scene told from Zane's point of view.

I don't really write any notes, but since I just did, here it is.

Happy Wednesday!

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