Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Photo Booth Fanfiction

Kiss me with such intense banality
As I'd lay
Smoke filling up the room
It's just once
As it's seen
Nose touch
The feeling inside
As you'd look around
I'd laugh it off
Let's do it in photo booth
No photo confirming
The brush
As I yanked your chin
Towards my own
Were you the girl who slapped
As I leaned again
Not knowing
That the more brief it was
The more the audience would've grasped
As you'd lean
Eyes locked
There is no excuse
As you ruffle the back of my head
Raise my hair above
Kiss the back of my neck
Go down
I don't care
It won't be brief
And the flash will get it all


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  1. You evoke such wicked imagery. Awesome stuff!

    (WriterAG on twitter)