Tuesday, 15 March 2011


A quick blow and the paint stays still
Silent like the new day
Which never seems to come
hanging above on an upside down staircase
I keep touching and painting
the colour all over me
no arms around my own
the nails forming
the colour choking
but different
now they're not my own
but somebody else's,
painting all over again
until the sky is gone
and I throw it away
such an insignificant thing
it finally breaks
the sin on the sand.
It will be picked up some day
by someone tall
someone waiting
someone willing
when the sand shall no longer glow
the fingers never crossed for tomorrow
the feelings bursting inside
unlike the numbness which ends.


I wanted to edit it at first, but then I'd lose the summer feel and all the editting I once did.

Something softer than my usual.

(2014): It's funny, it's been ages and I never really told a snippet of the backstory. It was before me and Callie were dating and I was actually confused because I liked Callie and someone else and this is years before I'd come to terms with my polyamory. I had the image of the said other person on the upside down staircase and that was one of the images which still stand out to me now. And he's the one described here, I even forgot that there are poems which mention him, funny, because it was a very odd crush and yeah.


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