Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Exit. Chapter 18


I adjusted the black tie, so that the knot looked ideal. I looked… weird with the fact that I actually had a match in what? Twenty minutes?

But no, I had to dress properly because according to my stepdad a man looked his best in a tie. I bit my finger staring at my reflection. My other hand was the pocket of my trousers, as the other freed from my nervous bite ran through my unrealistic hair. Why in the name of humanity did I choose a deep red? Because as childish as it may actually seem, I was going against the rules.

I was already wearing a fucking tie anyway.

And a black button-up shirt.




I tilted my head sideways staring at the small girl in front of me. How old was she? Two? Four? I tapped several fingers against my bottom lip, as she watched me wash my face. Then I glanced at her smiling at me. She looked cute enough, that I wondered why I didn’t have a younger sister.

Because the thought of my mother and my step doing anything made me gag, even if I knew the real cruelty behind life and all that crap about flying storks, cabbages or flying peas. Whatever.

“Hi.” What are you doing in the boy’s bathroom, sweetie? I wanted to ask but held myself as she nodded. I raised an eyebrow, was it her reply?

“Hi.” She replied, as I smirked at how high her voice was, reminding all those kiddy shows or whatever you could catch on TV whenever you’d stay home sick. Before you got into boarding school or when I’d be so sick that I was sent home like some sort of we can’t deal with your son’s illness, so if he’ll die we won’t go to court for not stuffing him with paracetamol until he’d choke.

To death as well.

“What your name, honey?” I leaned closer to her, leaning my palms against my knees as I lowered myself to reach the girl’s eye level. 

“Bonnie. My parents call me that. I told them that Bonnie dies in Gone with the Wind, though. But they won’t listen to me.” Pout. I laughed, but then I pressed a palm against my lips muffling my sudden reaction, as her gaze saddened.

“Um. Well, let’s see what I can come up with, sweetheart. Shortened you can be, be, be Bo. Rob. Roberta? No? Jeez, I’m giving you a female version of Smith’s name, since your hair looks like bird’s nest.” I failed the talking to children test. Seriously. No sisters, daughters and sons, brothers. I scratched the back of my head, closing my eyes as I waited for her reaction.

Soon enough I felt small arms throw themselves around me, as I smelt baby powder, daisies and other baby-girly smells which would usually make me gag. Should I put that in my ideal girlfriend list? Smell like daisies? I closed my eyes for a second forgetting about my worries just for a second.

“Bonnie, that’s where you are! I told you not run off. Where’s Ed? Jeremy, not now.” A tall man came inside catching me, in his eyes molesting or harassing his daughter. Great. Apparently, Ed ran past in the corridor, causing Bo’s father to stir and run outside after his son, apparently.

I pulled away from Roberta, rubbing the back of my neck in uneasiness.

“You should go now. Your dad won’t like you hugging older blokes at your age.” What the fuck did I do at four? Press my head against girl’s chests? No. I think I stuck cars in my mouth trying to swallow them hungerly, thinking that they were candy due to their glossy colour.

“Why not?” She stares at me in surprise.

She’ll break quite a number of hearts. I swear. I could sigh for effect, but I have no answer. Then Bonnie turns her head as her name is called out.

“Bye-bye!” She waves.

I wave back at her. Then she stops in her tracks. She hesitates and turns around, as I give out a surprised ‘hm?’

“I like you.”

I am a child molester.

I scratch my head. Nice. I got a confession from a four year old.

“Yeah, me too.” What could I say in such an awkward situation?

With that with a pleased smile, Roberta, grinning, well, I thought that back then, opened the door.


Mason's p.o.v. Explains Exit basically. I wanted to write a long explanation, but then, let's keep it this way.

Exit was inspired by this chapter really. If anyone noticed a similarity to Radiohead's High and Dry US version? Yes, that video created a bit of Exit, really.

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